Japanese curtains are different from traditional European lack of draping. It's just a smooth and perfectly smooth cloth plain or patterned fabric. Japanese curtains can be Asian or European prints. The minimalism of execution allows us to match them with the interiors of almost a pleasure style: art Nouveau, art Deco, classicism, high-tech, ethnics, etc.
Japanese curtains can be made of dense or translucent material. It is advisable to choose a smooth fabric with no textured pattern, however, it is possible to mix glossy and matte sections on one canvas. Traditional Japanese curtains are made of natural materials: bamboo fiber, jute, flax, cotton or silk. However, in the modern European interior is quite acceptable imitation of curtains made of artificial fabrics.
Appearance and principle of operation of Japanese curtains similar to vertical blinds. However, their segments much wider at least 40 cm, and they have no possibility of rotation. The design of the Japanese curtains consists of several fabric panels which are attached to the multi-ledge, by which they move through starbodies. The ledge can be mounted to the wall or ceiling. If Japanese curtains used for zoning, they are mounted to the ceiling. To preserve the smoothness of the fabric at the bottom of the plate is often sewn weights. Management of curtains can be manual or remote – using the remote control.
To divide the space into areas with different functions it is better to use a thick fabric, which can play the role of a screen shielding the bed from unwanted light in the morning. In addition, these curtains can be functionally divided the bedroom into a place of rest and dressing room or boudoir. The large living room Japanese curtains will help to hide the kitchen or to delineate the dining room area and space for a family holiday.
When choosing the color of curtains you should consider the main shades of the interior, in which they will appear. Because when open the curtains occupy a significant area, it is not recommended to use fabrics with garish bright colors with variegated patterns. This element of decor will be overly Intrusive. It is better to choose curtains plain curtains to match the wall color and upholstery. Very impressive look Japanese curtains-partitions representing the alternation of solid and patterned panels.