Unusual rectangular at first was not so popular among users. After some time people began to realize that Venetian blinds on the Windows are not only wonderful save from hot days, curious people, who aim to look you up, but will perfectly fit perfectly in any interior design.

There are many varieties of cloths with different mechanisms for lifting, and you will not be easy to choose these curtains for virtually any rooms in your apartment or house. In addition, roller blinds is a wonderful protection from the sun.

The choice of blinds

When purchasing a cloth there are some points that are worth to highlight:

  1. There is a possibility to adjust the mechanism. Selection of manual transmission or selection of the device, which has an electric drive.
  2. It is possible to raise or lower the blinds using the remote control. But the price will be slightly more expensive. It is important not to get confused, there are roller blinds, Roman. Even despite the fact that appearance and mount them identical.

An important difference in the mechanism when twisting the blade. The story is hiding in a box when raising the blinds up is in the blinds, and Roman - tends to gather in creases. There is another aspect that I would like to draw your attention to is the color scheme, the density fabric and quality. Let's deal with this in more detail.

So, what are the options of blinds:

  1. Blackout plain roller blinds. These curtains are possible for use in the bedroom and in the nursery. They easily replace conventional curtains.
  2. Translucent roller blinds. They are suitable for those who don't need to completely darken the room. They are more suitable for a hall or kitchen, and allow natural light and heat, which is typical for any time of year.
  3. Blinds with photo printing. Today technology is the ability to decorate fabric with absolutely any pictures or images in the design space adds not only originality, but also beauty. All will depend on your desires, there is a possibility of pattern selection, which will be deposited on the canvas, or what you will choose for yourself.
  4. Blinds made of bamboo. Made only of natural materials, because of this actually do not tend to fade from sunlight and will provide you a good insulation. You can choose different shades of the curtains of the existing nearly 200 varieties of bamboo. You can select bright colors and dark.