What harm does fatty food?

When the fats interact with proteins in the tissues accumulate toxins that disrupt the function of tissues. So people who often eat fatty foods usually have a disease of the digestive system, often experience nausea and heartburn.

Fat does not normally function in the body vitamin C. It prevents the absorption of ascorbic acid, and, consequently, its positive effect on the body is reduced.

Fats reduce the ability of antioxidants to prevent the occurrence of malignant tumors in the stomach and other digestive organs. From this it follows that the excess of lipids in the diet contributes to the appearance of cancer.

Foods that are rich in fats, lowers concentration and leads to drowsiness. Even lipids adversely affect the heart, which increases the risk of stroke or heart attack.

Regular and excessive consumption of fatty foods causes liver disease. Most of them difficult to treat. Quite often they become chronic and can lead to death.

Foods high in fat

The fat product is fat, because it contains up to 90% lipids. Often, doctors suggest to completely eliminate it from my diet, but in minimal quantities it is useful, because it is rich in selenium. This trace mineral enhances immunity.

Also one of the fatty foods is mayonnaise. It contains about 70% lipids, because the composition includes the vegetable oil. No use of this product to human body brings.

The fat in nuts comes to 68%, so they too can be included in this list. The lipids contained in this product is primarily poly - and monounsaturated acids. They reduce the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system. But liking peanuts or cashews not worth. Enough to include in daily diet some nuts.

Meat is also quite fatty foods, but this depends on the type. A leader in the content of lipids is considered pork, and beef and lamb brisket. But to eliminate from the diet this product is not necessary, but should only reduce fat. For example, to prepare dishes with rabbit or venison.

Also quite a fat product is chocolate. But it is useful because it helps produce endorphins and serotonin – substances that enhance the mood. To refuse this delicacy is not necessary, but it is better to replace milk chocolate for dark, and also to drop bars with nuts.