Eating fatty fish improves brain blood circulation: omega fatty 3 acids contained in fish, miraculously heals the blood, reducing the risk of stroke. But if it does happen, the damage from it will be much less.

Even a small number of fish rescues from a stroke. Danish researchers found that men aged 60-69 years who ate fish once a week were twice as less prone to stroke over the next 15 years than those who did not eat fish.

A number of experiments conducted in Japan, showed that the inhabitants of fishing villages, consuming 270 grams of fish daily for 25-40% less likely to die due to stroke than other farmers, consuming just 90 grams of fish a day.

It was also found that the amazing omega-3 acids contained in fish, improve the blood, reduce blood clots, preventing the clogging of blood vessels of the brain. It is known study of William of Lends from the University of Illinois in Chicago, which showed that animals receiving the fat fish, much less likely to become victims of a stroke.

If you are in that age when it is feared the formation of platelet plaques in blood vessels, then use the path to salvation: eat fat fish — he settles in the structural membranes of cells, making them more agile and flexible. This means that the blood cells easier to pass through the narrowed blood vessels and supplying the brain and heart of oxygen. Such maneuverability is particularly important with age, when the arteries are narrowed.

Saturated fat, on the contrary, according to the rigidity of cell membranes, so it is important to everyone who is afraid of a stroke, to limit consumption of this fat.