Today in the pharmacy networks of a huge number of different medicines. But few of them have any therapeutic effect. Most of the drugs are phony and do not bear, in fact, no medicinal properties.
As a rule, to prove the effectiveness of the drugs subjected to clinical trials. Such tests can last for decades, so they are unprofitable to the manufacturer. So began to appear the drugs of unproven pharmacological activity.
At the moment, all antiviral drugs are divided into five major groups: interferons; interferon inducers; nucleosides; adamantane derivatives and drugs of plant origin.
One of the most popular and effective adamantane derivatives are considered. These are widely known medicines as "Arbidol", "Rimantadine", "Amiksin".
"Arbidol", being a drug curative and preventive action, has antioxidant activity and immunomodulatory properties. This drug has virtually no side effects, only in rare cases cause allergies. According to recent reports, the world Health Organization has recognized him as a drug with proven efficacy.
The second most popular, at the moment, is considered the drug "Kagocel". This means the main active ingredient is the sodium salt of interferon. The drug was considered sufficiently effective, but only if his to begin taking no later than the fourth day after the onset of the disease.
Also, television often advertises one of the new antiviral drugs - "Amiksin". In contrast to the majority of Lekarstva, he's already appeared on the market 40 years ago. It has high efficiency and strong antiviral activity. But few know that the drug was banned because of its side effects. The test proved that this drug in 80% of patients was caused by the stratification of the retina and lipidosis of the liver, leading to irreversible consequences.
At the moment doctors believe that the damage to the body from the existing antiviral drugs is greater than the benefit. Clinical tests have proven that the human body during penetration of the virus begins to produce its own antibodies after three days. Accordingly, the condition of the patient improves. So does the meaning of the intake of antiviral medications, you decide.