Contact the previous employer. According to paragraph 31 of the "Rules of conducting and storage of work record cards, manufacturing of forms of employment record and ensure that their employers" in the case of loss of this document, you must make a written application to the employer at the last place of work. If the loss of employment record have you signed an employment contract with a new employer, he will be considered the employer. If you after loss has been unemployed, to involve the employer prior unemployed status.
After receiving your statements about the loss of employment record, the employer within 15 calendar days, is obliged to issue a duplicate that contains all the data common and (or) continuous experience prior to employment by the last employer and data on the work and the rewards (promotions), which were made in the employment book to the employer. To confirm the General experience you will need to submit all supporting documents and originals.
These documents include:
-orders on admission, transfer and discharge;
-employment contracts;
-statement confirming the wages;
another kind of help, etc.
You must know that in the duplicate employment record entered the General experience without giving translations and posts.
If the work book is lost by the employer. The loss of employment record employer possible as a result of, for example, fire, flood, negligence of employees or even malicious intent. If the loss occurred due to emergencies, the organization created Commission which structure included: the representative of the Executive authorities of the region where the employer is located, a representative of the employer, the representative trade Union organization or labor collective. Restoration of seniority and the issue of a duplicate employment record in this case be made on the basis of the documents presented by the employee. If documents are missing, it can be applied to the testimony of 2 witnesses. The Commission shall issue a statement indicating the seniority of the employee, in order to issue a duplicate employment record.
If the employer simply lost your workbook, you have the right to bring him to administrative responsibility in the form of a fine from 1,000 to 5,000 rubles for individual entrepreneurs and for legal entities – from 30 000 to 50 000 rubles or suspension of their activities for up to 3 months. But even the involvement of an employer to liability will save you a lot of paperwork confirmation of employment and receipt of a duplicate employment record.