Upon the occurrence of the final month of pregnancy, the birth process can begin at any time. At this period the baby is considered full term, and his little body are quite ready to meet the outside world.

The woman on the ninth month of pregnancy

From the 36th week of pregnancy a pregnant woman may receive a new feeling. May cause heartburn, increased gas formation, constipation, vomiting, dizziness and headaches.

You may also receive various kinds of muscle cramps during sleep, swelling of the mucosa of the nasal cavity or nasal bleeding. In addition, the woman on the 9th month of pregnancy feels pain in the spine, pain in the pelvis, frequent urge to urinate.

During this period, increase uterine cramps and difficulties with movement and during sleep. The characteristic symptoms 9 months can also be called strengthening of the vaginal secretions and the blood veins.

At this point in the pregnancy the expectant mother may become very excitable, especially when thinking about the upcoming birth. Many women say the presence of fear and distraction. This state contributes to the change of the child's activity, because he does not have enough space, and he does not push, and does a twisting movement.

Sleep in ninth month of pregnancy

Most pregnant women always want to sleep. This is a normal reaction to the changes occurring in it. The expectant mother at this time is experiencing a very big emotional load. Therefore, the fatigue comes quickly and the woman always want to lie down to rest.

Need to sleep as much as you like. The best solution would be to abandon a different sort of evening entertainment in favor of sleep, and directly in front of him to make a little walk, after which it will be easier to sleep.

Duration of night sleep is recommended at least 8 hours. The best time for bedtime - around 10 PM, since that time up to the hour of night sleep is most revitalizing. Sleeping place should not be very soft, but not too hard. The best posture for sleeping is the position on the right side, at least, on the back, but not in the stomach.

Pregnant woman are a large part of their time at home, can afford a few hours of sleep a day. Avoid daytime sleepiness is possible if to spend more time outdoors. Stuffy and very high spaces as well as places where a large crowd of people, should be avoided.