Historically, the peoples of Serbia and Russia were close to each other. They share a common history, the Orthodox faith and similar language.

The unique attitude of the Russians

First came to Serbia, a Russian wonder warm attitude of the population. The Serbs are very respectful to communicate with the guests from Russia. Occasionally it even seems that the Russians are loved more than your own neighbors. This attitude extends to the first persons of Russia: on the eve of official visits everywhere hung posters with images of Russian managers.

Russia for citizens of Serbia represents strength and power. Most Serbs would like to visit Russia, to live to see the Victory parade on red square to see the main city of our country. Serbs affects the territorial superiority of Russia over all other powers.

Very often in the Serbian language sound cries that on Russian language translated as "brotherly Russia", "mother Russia" and others. There are many sayings concerning friendship countries.

Many Serbs happy to help lost tourists from Russia treat their national dishes at a party. Russian, moved to Serbia forever, did not regret what you did. This is due to the fact that in this country Russian is in any case will feel at home.

For the Serbian people characterized by positive attitudes towards Russians due to positive moments, engraved in the historical memory. In Serbia you can fully experience the concept of "brotherly people".

Where you usually go on holiday Russian travellers

Serbia is suitable for outdoor enthusiasts and families with children. Among the representatives of the latter category is especially popular Spa resorts of Zlatibor and Break bath. Mineral springs and therapeutic muds help to improve the entire family to improve health. For travelers prepared individual tours, which they will visit the ancient city, appreciate the spiritual beauty of the monasteries and the aesthetic appeal of national parks. All this, of course, generously seasoned with the hospitality of local residents.

It should be noted that the most colorful landscapes in the case of summer vacation. This vast steppe, and turquoise hills. This landscape has already became a decoration of several paintings famous Directors.

Overall, Serbia is a pretty welcoming country. Mingle with the locals, you can come to the conclusion that there is not only an amazingly positive attitude to Russian tourists, but also a constant desire to help them adapt to the unfamiliar environment.