If you look closely at the word "anechoic", you can see that it consists of several important components, each of which has its own value. "Echo" is a sound, "gene" – born or educated, "but" is a negative particle. I.e. the translation you get the following: education, which is not capable of displaying the sound.
Be scared and think that education is some kind of tumor, it is not necessary. For example, the fluid also does not reflect the sound. And the presence of liquid substances in the body completely normal. For example, it may be the yellow body in the ovary.

What is meant by anechoic contents

The term "anechoic contents," the doctor-uzist specifies in the description in cases where he just can't quite make out what he sees before him. To understand the nature of this education is the prerogative of the physician or other provider who ordered the tests.

Sometimes along with the mention of the presence of some content, you put parentheses and spells out the options of what it could be. In some cases, definition of education will require repeated ultrasound.
Doctors do not recommend self-diagnose themselves and panic run to examine each inclusion, which was reflected in the ultrasound image. Better continue to understand professionals.

It is worth considering that under anechoic content means a completely different substance. For example, it can be:
capsules with liquid;
- the blood vessels;
- dense tumors and more.

While anechoic contents are not considered to be a diagnosis. It is even a symptom of something not known. It's just part of the research, which manages your doctor can get an idea about the status of internal organs.

Anechoic on ultrasound education appear dark spots. This is due to the fact that education does not reflect light, and therefore not highlighted. So, it is enough to calculate the dimensions of the anechoic education, which is also quite important for diagnosis.

What to do

Nothing special to do not have. At least, until a full and detailed diagnosis with a precise definition of the nature of the content. If it's just a liquid, it may eventually dissolve. If this kind of neoplasm, it must check the doctor out of the various available procedures, including invasive.

To cure yourself anaxagorea content will not work – pills and potions from him no one came up with and think of not going.

Anechoic contents may be observed and viewed on the ultrasound picture to the light in different organs: gall bladder, uterus, ovaries, etc. No pattern there.