The main feature of the collector car is armor. According to international standards, there are seven main levels of booking. As the first level means the standard unarmored car. The second level provides protection from handguns up to a caliber of 9 mm. the Third and fourth levels protect against all common types of guns with different bullets and are considered fairly reliable protection from accidental attack.
Booking for 5, 6 and 7 level designed to protect against professional attacks in collector cars is rarely used. Booking class 7 protection because of its high cost is used for cars of the presidents. Additionally, the collector car can be protected from mine explosion or a mine.
The glazing of the collector car also provides protection from bullets. Most often it is 2-3 protection class. By the way, these machines do not fall. Otherwise, why vehicle armor if the bullet will find the target through an open window. To the crew suffocated in a sealed capsule, imported vehicles must provides a powerful air conditioner. But to protect against poison gas during a long siege in the ventilation system embedded system multistage air filtration. The Russian collector car is the only option.
Since the reservation significantly increases the vehicle weight, require strengthening and many components and assemblies. First suspension is being finalized with the expectation of a higher weight of the car. Tyre replaced with bullet-proof, with the possibility of movement even with multiple breaks. If the manufacturer of the base car offers a choice of engines, choose the most powerful or boost the existing engines. The engine is often equipped with pre-heater, a generator of high-power, high-capacity battery. Fuel tanks are explosion-proof when hit by a bullet. The brakes, too, are enhanced.
Collector vehicles have a number of other features. This loopholes with pokryshki that the crew could shoot personal weapons. Several types of communication: cellular, radio and satellite. Satellite navigation with tracking the armored car with remote control. White flashing light, signaling the attack on collectors. Separate latches on the inside doors that the door was impossible to open even, damaging a door lock. A special window for negotiations with outsiders. Door hinges are also replaced and reinforced.
Each car is equipped with a built-in safe, which is often firmly welded to the hull of the armored car. The safe also has several degrees of protection – combination locks, satellite alert attempt is made to open and destroy the contents of an unauthorized autopsy.