Advice 1: What are the advantages of Hyundai Solaris

Hyundai Solaris is known to the Russian public for several years, and during that time managed to win universal love and popularity, largely due to its many advantages.
What are the advantages of Hyundai Solaris
Hyundai Solaris is a subcompact car. In the Russian market it is presented in sedan and hatchback since September 2010, and its production is at a factory near St. Petersburg. "Solaris" is a version of the model Accent of the fourth generation for the South Korean market, specially modified for Russian conditions.
Many benefits available in the Arsenal of Hyundai Solaris. To start – the two types of body, including the sedan and hatchback. The car is equipped with sufficiently powerful and modern for its class with engines of 1.4 and 1.6 liters, outstanding 107 and 123 horsepower respectively. And such a variety of transmissions and did not find on other budget models, with the exception of Kia Rio 5-speed "mechanics" and 4-band "automatic" for the 107-horsepower engine, 6-speed manual gearbox and 6-speed automatic transmission for the 123-strong unit.
Appearance – another clear advantage of the Hyundai Solaris. The car in the background of many "public sector" looks stylish and attractive, some details of the machine resembles a higher class. Interior to match the exterior is modern, looks nice, all the controls are located conveniently in the field of view, number of available options is astounding. Salon "the Solaris" roomy, five adults will sit without any discomfort, but the Luggage compartment volume depends on the body type: the sedan it a little more, the hatchback is smaller.
The main advantage of the Hyundai Solaris is its reasonable price with a decent level of equipment. The basic version of the car will cost 473 900 rubles (hatchback – 463 900 rubles) includes it in itself, ABS, a few airbags, cruise control, trip computer and electric front Windows. For 533 900 rubles (hestbeck – 523 900 rubles) is available for a car with 123-horsepower engine and 6-speed "mechanics", which all of the above is also equipped with air conditioning, electrically operated and heated exterior mirrors, adjustable height steering wheel and heated front seats. Car with automatic transmission is minimum 543 900 rubles (hestbeck – 498 900 rubles). Well, the most expensive package offered at a price of 639 900 rubles (hestbeck – 633 900 rubles).
Hyundai is a great car for its value, possessing many advantages.

Advice 2: Hyundai Accent: how to increase ground clearance car

Hyundai Accent – the car that is known for almost all car owners. And let a design "Accent" is outdated, but according to its specifications, this iron horse is very good. But there are significant negative clearance "Hyundai Accent". About ground clearance and we'll talk.
Hyundai Accent: how to increase ground clearance car

So, your dream (or just a car that have enough money) – "Hyundai Accent"but you don't like the ground clearance, and you are afraid that winter will all cling to, - work on clearance. The owners of this brand of car, increase ground clearance in a variety of ways, but the most inexpensive and accessible to many option – installation of the rubber inserts from the WHA.

Install some new struts. But still a budget option - rubber inserts of the stands from the vases. To make this tuning, you will need:

  1. Buy 2 rubber spacers to increase clearance with a minimum thickness of 2 see the "Accent" fit spacers from the Frets, you can buy them in any shop, but the price is ridiculous, about 200-300 rubles. Also get new longer studs, as the old supply will not happen.
  2. Stock up on tools. You will need the key, 12 mm drill, a file and a wooden hammer (mallet).
  3. When tools and parts are prepared, you can start working. First disassemble the rack on his car. Be careful not to damage the frame, knock the old stud wielding for this mallet.
  4. Now look bought spacers if the hole is smaller on them than on the rack, enlarge them using a drill, then a little work with a file, give the holes a shape corresponding racks.
  5. Put your new studs, attach the top spacer plates.
  6. Carefully secure design the nuts and refit the rack.

After all the manipulations your iron horse will be much higher. If you do not operate the machine for a spooky off-road, the clearance you hardly have to worry.

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