Garlic have long been widely used in cooking chefs of all countries of the world, but in especial honour, he the Italians, Mexicans and Russians. The sharp taste of this spice is valued by fans of something "hotter". Garlic has an antibacterial effect and helps to relieve stress from the blood vessels (thus reducing pressure), but also contains a number of nutrients needed by any organism.Garlic eaten fresh and pickled, added to stews, steamed and fried dishes. The biggest benefit for the human body from raw garlic.Housewives are often faced with the phenomenon of the blueness of garlic when marinating or stewing. To explain it simply enough - Flamini contained in the garlic, enter into compounds with copper utensils or lids for cans. Under the effect of high temperatures, this process leads to the appearance of blue tint. Don't freak out and throw away all your preparation or meals. The color change does not affect either the taste or the properties of garlic. It does not deteriorate and remains edible, like all other components of the dish.Mistress could see that most of process blue in the face garlic is occurring with the they purchased in the store, and which was brought from abroad. It is difficult to explain this relationship, but to avoid blue garlic, try to use in the preparations for the winter are grown in your garden or purchase it from grandmothers selling their garlic on the market. Also try putting garlic in the jars not to the top - so you can avoid contact with the cover, and hence with copper.In any case, except an unpleasant blue tint of garlic in your dishes does not change anything.