Suspicious noises

If during the spin cycle the machine makes a noise like a jet plane or just making some unexpected noises at all stages of washing, you should think about repairing. As soon as the machine starts behaving "wrong", especially if she began to emit loud sounds all of a sudden, the washing process must be suspended to avoid serious damage.

First of all check, whether stable is a washing machine. Sometimes the problems with balancing and installation can cause extraneous noise. If the machine is normally installed, try to drain and redistribute the Laundry inside the drum: too many clothes, huddled in one pile, may cause imbalance of the drum and the appearance of extraneous noise.

Sometimes the cause of the terrible sounds can be a pin, a coin, button or any other small object that can get under the drum machine. Removing it yourself is quite difficult, it is necessary to call the master. To avoid such situations it is advisable to carefully check the pockets of clothes before loading into the washing machine. The problem is that even the smallest thing can just jam the drum machine, which will lead to serious damage, so if you hear repeated banging or grinding noises, it is a sure sign that it's time to call the repairman.

Whether to call the master?

If the machine with each wash noise all the more likely thing is in the drum. Pull it off the car, listen to the sound of the bearing (this is the structure on which the drum is attached). If you hear a buzz or rattle, and in certain positions the drum rotates with difficulty, probably is time to change bearings. The washing machine can rattle in the spin mode, since at this time the drum rotates very quickly, much faster than in normal washing.

Quite often the machine begins to rattle, as the carrier balances or tank is loose. This breakdown is very easy to fix — just tighten the appropriate bolts. If the reason was that, all other sounds disappear.

If the machine doesn't rattle, but just a very loud noise during the spin cycle, maybe it's the fault of the debris or the drain pump. Most likely either the filter or the drain nozzles much clogging. Quite, clean them to get rid of extraneous sounds.

In any case, for the diagnosis it is best to call a qualified specialist. In some cases, extraneous noise can be caused by a complex of reasons that self-correcting is difficult.