Advice 1: How to understand that he will die soon

The thought of their own death if they are not on the same day, should be cause for concern for the state of mental health. The best way to get rid of oppressive sensation - seeking help, and strict adherence to his advice.
How to understand that he will die soon
The sudden idea that he will die soon, is able to paint the world in black colors. To impose on all the actions the seal of doom and meaninglessness. Well, if she came in and, without stopping, flew away from her mind, replaced by everyday worries and aspirations. If this does not happen and people live under the yoke of death waiting for a long time, you need to seek help from professionals without any delays and without poisoning the lives of yourself or loved ones.

Why does man think that he will die soon

It is said that man has a presentiment of his death. A very controversial statement. No one brought the exact formula of sensations, on which it can be foreseen.

Troubles, separation from loved ones, grievous loss and disease, difficult to treat, can generate a false feeling of imminent death. Lack of appetite, sleep disturbance, thoughts of his impending death - all signs of depression. Because depression can become a severe disease, and curing it requires a specialist.

A haunting presentiment of death, is not confirmed by any medical diagnosis or circumstances (not around the shells exploding and bullets) is a sign of mental illness. Like all diseases, this disease is best treated in its early stages and goes unnoticed.

What experts advise to lift the spirit

First and foremost, it is important to raise their self-esteem. Praise and reward yourself for even the smallest victory and very tiny success. To accept compliments and praise of others with gratitude, without hesitation and embarrassment.

Smile, even if you really don't want to. Through the power and reluctance to see anyone. Along with clothes, the morning to put a smile on your face. Very soon it will be genuine and natural.

In any case, not to be alone. To seek the company of like-minded people, to visit relatives and friends. People spend a lot of time.

To recall the forgotten hobby and pull out bins of unfinished work. It is easier to banish the spleen, causing thoughts of death, if you do not give yourself time to empty joyless thoughts.

No wonder death is defined as a sacrament. This is the most strictly stored mystery of nature. If the birth of a person is easy to predict the death time of its arrival to anyone and never opens. Do not know the hour of his death nor the poor, nor the oligarch.

Even if the doctors diagnosed and identified the little time remaining of life. Miracles are not so rare as we think. Hopeless patients recover and live rejoicing every day, for years to come.

This is the greatest gift from above – until the last moment not to know that the end is near. To live, hoping and believing in the best, up to his last seconds. Not to wonder about how to understand that he will die soon, because he has no answer.

Advice 2: How to live, knowing that soon will die

It is a sad knowledge. For someone it is terrible. Likely to meet a person who is able to stay indifferent to such knowledge is impossible. It is impossible even to those who believe in reincarnation - that life does not last.
Angel. Headstone.
Owning this secret knowledge, open not every person on Earth, you need to ask yourself a simple question: what I want to do in the allotted time?
And by asking this question it is necessary to live. Because in the words of Steve jobs, who worked almost to the end: "the thought of impending death is the best way to get rid of the illusion that you have something to lose."
Absolutely not is to ask yourself unproductive pessimistic questions: why me, what have I done, who is to blame? They have no answer.
Someone to start as a guide to action, can help the films made on the subject. A lot of these.
For example: "the Sea inside" with Javier Bardem and the Bleached Rudoy, "Sweet November" with Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron, "knocking on heaven's door" with Till Schweiger and Jan Josef Literam, "Now is the time" with Dakota fanning and Jeremy Irvine, "Stepmom" with Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon, "Dallas buyers club" Matthew McConaughey, "Burning man" with Matthew Goode or "a woman goes to the doctor" with Caris van Houten and Barry Atsma.
Will the person looking for the answer to the question – "how to live, knowing that he will die soon" - the answer in art? In film, music, painting? Someone will find it. In any case, it will be possible to start from the idea that art is able to throw.
You can make a list of the various cases that, due to various circumstances, could not make a living "in the flow". As a teenage girl – the heroine of the film "the right time". Or great characters-the slobs from the film "to reach heavens".
After making this list, you must try to carry out all the items from it for exactly the allotted time. Only a list needs to be realistic so really nothing to regret in the final.
Or you can devote the rest of my life not yourself and loved ones. To after your death could live in peace and harmony with each other and with themselves. As did the heroine of Susan Sarandon from the movie "Stepmom".
Or not even close. Those for whom your death. Because, as a rule, people, living an ordinary routine life, don't often have to think about what is given to us.
If a person before dying realizes that he must not leave just like that, not looking for help, and he is ready to help remaining, that means he will do what I must. In a very different Hollywood films – "Sweet November" or "Dallas buyers club" it is about such assistance.
Sell everything and go traveling? Time to see penguins in their natural habitat? Rob a Bank? To give away all the money? To bequeath their organs to medical science? To jump with a parachute? To draw up a detailed will. Not to make any Testament? To lie down at the TV and review all of the movies and shows that you loved? To go to the hospice and help others while I still can?
The main thing is to remember that knowledge of impending death is unique. You're one of the chosen few, which is exactly, or almost exactly knows when. Therefore, your life – it's yours. And no one else.
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