Install xenon or bi-xenon lamps – a fashionable trend in recent years. For owners of vehicles equipped with such equipment originally from the factory, no problem. They can appear in those who decided to replace the native lamp on attractive seats.
Why the law has limited the use of xenon?

First, these lights Shine so bright that can blind the driver of an oncoming vehicle. And it is fraught with emergency. Second, negligent motorists in most cases only install xenon or bi-xenon lamps, oblivious to the fact that they need a special spotlight, sufficiently dispersing a beam of bright light. Third, often the installation of the lighting equipment is done by the drivers themselves and often contrary to the rules of such works.
What xenon can be installed?

You should know that in law there is no explicit prohibition on the installation of lamps and headlights of this type. There are no definitions of "xenon" or "xenon headlights". To find out whether the installation of a new lighting equipment, you need to find out the marking that is already installed. The fact that there are several types of lights and lamps, including xenon. If the inspection found that the brand of lighting equipment, which is equipped with a car does not meet the requirements for vehicle safety, the driver will be sanctioned, up to prohibition of operation of cars.
Lamp type must match the type of lights, and the mounting of the xenon needs to be addressed in the traffic police. This will help to avoid liability under part 3 of article 12.5 of the administrative code of the Russian Federation, providing punishment for the installation of equipment that does not meet the requirements of the rules on admission of vehicles to operation. The driver needs to know what type lights C, R, CR must be equipped with conventional incandescent lamps. For types HR, HC, HCR allowed halogen, for DR, DC, DCR – gazorazryadnoi light source (xenon).
How to install xenon legal?

In order to avoid misunderstandings during the inspection the inspector of lighting equipment a vehicle is required to equip it with an automatic Adjuster, and headlight washer system. All changes to this plan must be registered with the local branch of the traffic police. Needless to say, what type of lights and lamps shall conform to the requirements of the law.