You will need
  • - fresh cherries;
  • - plastic containers;
  • - freezer;
  • - a special device for removal of seeds.
Sorting through the berries, rinse it in running water, pour in a colander or dry it with clean towels or table napkins. As cherry is used for freezing, it should drain all the water. Otherwise, the berries will freeze together in a single a lump of ice.
After thawing the frozen cherries become very soft. Taking out the seeds, instead of a neat fruit to a shapeless berry unappetizing. Better to freeze cherries , pitted. You can remove them with ordinary studs. However, this procedure will last a long time, especially if you want to prepare a few pounds of cherries. To speed up the process, use a special device designed to remove the bones. Such machines allow to clean the cherry pits from the light touch. You need to pre-cut berries from cuttings.
After the bones are removed, the cherries again, put in a colander to stack it with the juice. Wait for about half an hour, if you don't want to cherry during freezing stuck together. Now it only remains to put the berries in plastic containers. Pour the cherries into containers, seal them with lids and store in the freezer.
If it is not possible to buy a small plastic container, use a large container. In this case, the cherries are spread in a layer one berry on the baking sheet and place into the ice. Frozen cherries put in the prepared capacity and put them in the freezer so it didn't thaw. Meanwhile, on a baking sheet put a new batch of berries and sent back to freezing.
Of course, this method of freezing is quite long. However, the cherry will not sorscha, and for cooking it will be possible to take the required amount of berries without defrosting everything. Note that frozen berries easily absorb odors. Therefore, the containers with the cherry should be kept tightly closed. For reliability, put each of them in a plastic bag.