Physical dependence on nicotine

In small amounts, nicotine produces the liver. A smoker has the liver stops the production of nicotine. If the smoker does not smoke, his body a deficit occurs nicotine and nicotine cravings. When nicotine starts to leave the body, quitting Smoking person has nicotine starvation. Own nicotine, the liver begins to develop in 1-3 days after complete Smoking cessation. Then there's the physical craving for cigarettes after three days, must go down.

Psychological craving

Painful desire to smoke a cigarette is saved from one to several months after quitting tobacco. The reason is the nicotine receptors in the brain. Under the influence of nicotine on these receptors, Smoking man feels a sense of pleasure. The more smoke, the more nicotine receptors in his brain. Some ex-smokers nicotine receptors can persist for years.

How to heal from nicotine addiction

Methods of treatment of tobacco dependence, there are many. These methods can be divided into psychotherapy, medication and physiotherapy. If necessary, the doctor may give the smokers with the experience of medical treatment in the form of special pills that will help to reduce the craving for Smoking. When quitting Smoking are well established psychotherapeutic treatment – hypnosis, or psychological training. Of physiotherapy techniques can help phytotherapy, acupuncture and electrical stimulation.