That such a desire came from that man you like, you should get acquainted closer and to get them interested him. The most proven and reliable way is to talk to him about what interests him. To do this, check with those people with whom he was close about his Hobbies. Read these topics and will refer to it for advice on this issue. This concern is quite natural, because he is passionate about this subject, so you will not only have to listen to the answer to the question, but also to ask him a few more clarifying. Ask his consent to further consultation, and he soon, of course, will pay to you attention – it is always nice to meet not only like-minded, but still a nice girl.
If you failed to find out anything about his Hobbies and interests, come up with another reason to turn to him. It should be a quite natural method to get his attention – ask a question about his opinion on some occasion – the latest movie, computer game, musical group. Support the conversation, asking his opinion and showing how it is interesting for you and matches your thoughts. But do not rush things, maybe this technique should be repeated several times, so he finally saw what a treasure you are and how you are interested.
If you know for a long time, but he doesn't notice your interest, try to take the initiative themselves – and have him follow you home, or just walk, because you have a bad mood. Find an excuse to get together, contact him for help in anything. Try telling him something interesting that might attract his attention to your person. But don't forget that your goal is to talk with a guy. Let me speak to him and encourage his jokes, just be a pleasant companion and a young person will want to meet with you again.