With the onset of menopause in women is reduced levels of the hormone estrogen. The fat layer in the abdomen and waist is its natural substitute. It also reduces the level of metabolism, which also leads to weight gain. The usual amount of food is excessive, and the excess is converted into subcutaneous and visceral fat.
Refer to the gynecologist. Perhaps he deems it necessary to prescribe gormonozawisimaya therapy to replenish estrogen deficiency. In any case be self-medicate and make the same drugs that the doctor prescribed to your acquaintances – the treatment regimen is selected individually, taking into account possible contraindications like mastitis, fibroids, etc.
Some plant foods contain phytoestrogens, a substance structurally similar to estrogen, but the present is a thousand times weaker. If you are contraindicated hormonal drugs, eat wheat germ, flax seed, pomegranates, raspberries, cherries – they contain phytoestrogens will help you cope with age-related problems. The champion on the content of phytoestrogens is hop. Women who are engaged in the collection and processing of hop cones, often there is disruption of the menstrual cycle, so be very careful if you decide to use this tool.
Rethink your diet. Instead of black tea and coffee is better to drink green tea without sugar and herbal infusions. Replace sugar, jam and scones for tea dried fruit: raisins, apricots, dates. In reasonable quantities it is very useful honey as a sweetener. Refrain from fried dishes – braised and steamed contain far fewer calories and do not render harmful influence on the liver. Eat more fruits and vegetables, replace red meat with fish.
However fail to keep the weight solely by restriction in food – physical activity is required. Very useful Aqua aerobics and swimming as evenly load all the muscles of the body, including the abdomen and thighs. 2-3 intense sessions per week is enough to maintain muscle tone.
Usually doctors recommend patients suffering from overweight, more walking. Researchers from the Cooper Institute in Dallas have proven that the benefits of Hiking are considerably higher if you walk "Scandinavian step", starting from the land of special walking sticks or ski poles. Calorie consumption in this type of walking is increased by 20% and fatigue occurs later due to the uniform load distribution between different muscle groups.
At least 3 times a week perform lower body exercises. Exercise 3 approach, replacing their inclinations, "swallow", Mahi feet. It is important that the load is steadily increased, and you felt healthy fatigue after class. These exercises not only help to remove the belly fat but also strengthen the abdominal muscles, which will not allow the skin to SAG.