Advice 1: How to prepare carrot seeds for planting

Many gardeners believe that seeds of carrots do not require any preparation before planting, they can be used immediately to sow on prepared beds. However, in this case, the seedlings are either very dense, or can not wait. To ensure that you receive the excellent harvest of root crops, it is better to spend some of the procedures.
How to prepare carrot seeds for planting
About 2 days before sowing carrots in the open ground guide their germination. This technique not only speeds up the germination of plants, but will also provide needed moisture in the first days, so you can not water boarding. This is especially true for truckers who are not often at their sites. Besides, it often happens that the water in the cottages begin to be served later.
Soak the seeds in room temperature water for 12 hours. Thus for all this time will need 3-4 times to change it.
After the seeds swell, scatter them thinly on a plate or saucer. Use a damp cotton cloth.
The plate is put in a warm place. The optimum temperature for germination of carrot seeds is 20-25 degrees. Note that planting material should be kept moist, but not wet. Periodically spray them with a spray bottle. The seed layer may be gently stirred to evenly moistened. However, when they are afoot to do don't need it anymore, because you can easily damage the delicate roots.
The sprouting need for 2-3 days, during which time the bulk of the planting material should appear roots with a length of about 5 mm. By this time the number of germinated seeds is 20 to 40 percent. But this does not mean that others will not germinate, germination of carrots is approximately 80 percent.
If you wish to obtain uniform germination, it is possible to carry out the following procedure. Carefully collect the seeds that have already sprouted. Put them in a damp cloth and then place it all in a plastic bag and put it on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. Keep them that way until landing. The remaining seeds continue to germinate.
There is another easy way to prepare the seeds for planting without soaking — sparging. This seed treatment in water, saturate with oxygen. The treatment increases germination of carrot seeds several times, and the first sprouts will appear after a week.
This would require a compressor for aquarium. Place the tip of the hose on the bottom of the jar and fill it 2/3 with water at room temperature. Turn the device on, and then put in a jar of carrot seeds. Periodically gently stir. Time bubbling carrot seeds — about a day. After this planting material should be dried and begin planting in the garden.

Advice 2 : Which seeds are soaked before planting

The seeds of some flowers and vegetables have a rather thick shell, so germinate with difficulty. To achieve a good amicable shoots, it is necessary before sowing, soak them in water or biologically active solution.
Which seeds are soaked before planting
You will need
  • seeds;
  • - container for soaking;
  • - gauze;
  • - water.
It is not necessary to soak only a very small seed, as it may present some technical difficulties: seeds of Petunia, poppy, strawberry can be sown directly into the soil. For best germination they spread out over the surface, compacted soil with the palms and sprayed from a spray. Then the crops covered with foil, put in a warm place and wait for germination.
The seeds of crops having a dense shell, it is necessary to soak. Such plants include beets, spinach, watermelons, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and plants whose seeds are rich in essential oils that hinder germination. It's carrots, celery, parsley, parsnips and others. When soaking the part of essential oils is washed from the membrane and plants germinate better. Soaking is also used if we need to spread the old dried seed – in this case, you can expect good indicators of germination.
The process is quite simple: damp cheesecloth laid out the seeds, cover the top with a second layer of cheesecloth and pour water (30-35oC). In addition, it is possible to use biologically active extracts. The solution should be weak, so as not to damage the seeds. You can use water infusion of chamomile, Valerian, infusion of oak bark, fermented mullein, aloe (0.5 l of water is necessary to take 20 g of active substance)
It is better to use a combined method: first, for 15-30 minutes, soak the seeds in weak beerstore, then for a day in the water. After that, the water to drain, and sprinkle the seeds on a flat surface to dry to flowability. Before sowing the seeds mixed with fine river sand. In this case, the crops will turn out uniform, will not require thinning (this method is recommended for relatively small seeds of carrots, fennel, beets).
For some crops, susceptible to viral diseases (tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers), it is desirable to apply the heating and etching. To do this before soaking the seeds are immersed in hot water for 15-20 minutes and then dipped in dark pink solution of potassium permanganate for 10-15 minutes. After this time, the seeds should be rinsed in running water and soak in the usual way in water.
An important factor is the condition of the soil when sowing. Furrows before sowing seeds necessarily need to shed water to create a favorable microclimate. Subsequently, to the emergence you need to do it daily if it is dry weather.
If late sowing to make up for lost time and proper agricultural seed soaking, because this procedure reduces the time of germination in 7-10 days, which for the short Russian summer, a very significant indicator.
Useful advice
Do not plant seeds in cold soil. Each culture has a specific time period, when the crops will yield the greatest harvest.
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