You will need
  • - some fruits carrots;
  • - garden tools;
  • - sieve.
Collect seeds at the best carrots in the fall, after harvest. The root should be large, healthy, smooth and match the appearance and characteristics of the variety. And another important factor — the vegetable should be no mechanical damage.
Cut the tops. Try not to damage the neck of the carrot. Then put it in cellar for storage. Root crop you intend to plant the seeds, store as usual, but apart from carrots, which is designed for food.
Carrots during the second growth phase, i.e. when the plant produces seeds doesn't like the cold, so take your time when planting in the ground. In the third decade of may prepare the seedbed for planting. Dig up the ground, smoothed with a rake, add organic fertilizer when it is not necessary.
In the garden stick a few pegs, the number of roots that you are going to plant to get the seeds. Then make the hole to a depth equal to the size of the carrot, and carefully pour the bed warm water.
In each hole put one of the roots, sprinkle them with earth and tamp. Then pour landing with warm water again. The soil over mulch, for example, sawdust.
After two or three weeks after planting, when the testis appears lush greens, should be watered, so-called lime milk. Spread lime to a liquid state, should get a lot of in consistency resembling milk. Pour this solution every Bush. Such processing is required in order for the seeds turned out strong and healthy, and the roots that subsequently grow out of them, would be resistant to various diseases.
Multiroute after each watering the soil around the testes. This will help keep soil moisture and to smooth out variations in day and night temperatures.
About 2 months after planting on the Central stem produces a flower umbrella. Seeds with the side shoots it is best not to take because they have the worst germination. At this time the care of the same testis.
When the flower will darken and wrapped, you can collect carrot seeds. Cut the Central umbrella along with the stalk and hang it in a shaded place for ripening.
After 2-3 weeks you can start to handle the umbrellas. Carrot seed is the nucleolus oblong, covered with hairs, which must be removed from the seed. Then you mash them with your hands, and then sift through a sieve to separate the change from unnecessary particles.
Fold the carrot seeds in the bags is made from cotton fabric. They can be stored for 2 years. For planting it is best to use seeds in the second year after harvest. But then their germination rate decreases significantly.