Every gardener knows that the seeds of carrots are very small, so it is difficult to sow them at the correct distance from each other. Use a few tips when planting carrots to avoid thinning.

1 the Board. Mix 2 tablespoons of carrot seeds with a bucket of river sand, moisten well. Scatter the mixture over the prepared grooves. Sprinkle the earth and then water. Planted in this way, the carrots need thinning and grows smooth, big and juicy.

Important! Water the carrots should not often, but profusely, the moisture soaked the whole root, differently there can be small appendages or carrots can crack.

2, the Board. Prepare a bed for carrots and make grooves. Tighten the ground bar grooves so that the surface was smooth. Then sow the carrot seeds as little as possible and cover them with earth. After planting the ground should be watered abundantly. Due to the smooth surface of the earth the seeds will quickly germinate, and carrots will be about the same size.

Important! If you plan to pluck the carrots to harvest, it is better to select for this special place, otherwise, pulling one carrot, you damage those that grow nearby.