In the first year after sowing carrot seeds start to develop roots, which later are consumed. But if you next year plant some roots in the ground, then they will be able to develop in a flowering plant giving seeds. Therefore in the autumn it is necessary to select the best root crops of medium size, store them separately in damp sand. But not the fact that they are in good health make it to spring, then you will lose planting material. Some gardeners prefer to select the appropriate instances of the testes in the spring, just before planting, which is the best preserved. Thus the future generation is laid the property is of good keeping quality during storage.
Please note, I selected carrot should not be damaged the top where the leaves grow. There are buds that will continue to develop the plant. The selected number of carrots depends on how long you want to get a seed (or how many plan to sow). There is a perception that carrot seeds remain viable for three to five years.
In early spring, when the soil is sufficiently warmed, prepare the soil for planting carrots. Bury the roots in the ground vertically, the top should be three inches below the soil level. The distance between planted carrots should be about forty centimeters. Then liberally pour the landing site. In the summer timely watering, loosen and proplyvaya beds. A good assistant can become mulching the soil around planted carrots.
After some time, begins to grow a young carrot tops, then flower stalks appear. When they had enough stretch, grow, tie them to stakes so that the stems were not broken and did not collapse. Carrot blossoms umbrellas, much like dill. When the umbrellas the seeds become brown, they need to collect, dry and clean storage.
Experienced gardeners prefer to store seeds in tightly sealed glass jars. If seed were a lot of, it is possible to store them in tightly tied plastic bags. Don't forget to sign (what year and whose seeds). Now you can not save planting material when planting in the ground (and particularly charitable to be too not worth it, because then you will have to thin out landing). Germination from their hand-grown seed is almost 100%.