One of the main causes of hypertension is stress. This condition is often accompany people in difficult life situations. However, stress does not impact directly on blood pressure, it's all about the human response to it. Attempt to cope with a stressful situation by using excessive amounts of junk food and alcohol has a decisive effect on the body. Try to avoid stressful situations or, at least, minimize their negative effect. If to cope with stress yourself, you can not ask for consultation to psychotherapists.
Direct impact on the development of hypertension has a salt. Its consumption leads to an increase in the amount of moisture in the blood vessels, resulting in increased pressure. Try to limit daily salt intake by 4 grams. To do this, prepare yourself as often as possible. So you will be able to monitor the consumption of the substance. Less order ready-made dishes. Salt is found in many foods. When visiting stores, be sure to read the package. Look for products in which salt is replaced by natural spices and herbs.
Adjust your diet plan. Increase intake of fruits and vegetables, try to minimize the share of saturated and total fat, and cholesterol. Diet for hypertension is of particular importance. With the right preparation, the condition can be greatly improved within a few weeks. Besides fruits and vegetables, eat more lean meat, fish, poultry, whole grains, nuts and seeds with a high content of fiber, magnesium and potassium.
A great way to cure hypertension is to get rid of excess weight. Excess weight puts pressure on the heart causing it to work harder to satiate with blood the excess tissue. Try to get rid of this problem if you have it. Try eating more often but in smaller quantities. Do not use drugs for weight loss without consulting your doctors, this may exacerbate hypertension.
Another cause of hypertension is alcohol. Its excessive consumption is causing a lot of problems, including high blood pressure. Refrain from drinking or at least consume it in moderation, go while less strong ones, such as red wine. If you are treating hypertension with pills, in any case do not mix them with alcohol. This can lead to serious complications.
At excessive increase of pressure or chronic hypertension consult a doctor. You may be prescribed special medications or their combination. Such drugs include, for example:

beta - blockers reduce the intensity of the heartbeat;
- calcium channel blockers expands the arteries;
- diuretics, displays the body of excess water and salt.

All these drugs have a very strong effect. Use them strictly on prescription and follow the instructions on the application.