How to lose weight

Consume fewer calories than they consume. Professional fitness trainers call this a negative energy balance. The point is simple – the body gets less food than is needed, and for this reason starts to use the "emergency" source of energy – fat.

Accelerate metabolism. The higher it is, the better food is digested and the faster displays without forming fat. To increase metabolism eat often and in small portions. And fluid intake increase to two and a half liters per day.

Eat a healthy diet. And the consumption of foods that contain fat and sugar, reduce to a minimum. Fat pork, fat-containing dairy products, cakes and pastries, chips and other snacks, fizzy drinks – all these "Goodies" insurmountable barriers stand in the way of getting rid of excess fat.

Reduce the amount of food consumed, but not fast. Because fat is emergency energy to which the body is drawn in periods of long-term starvation, short-term diet and refusal to eat at all to anything will not lead. Once returned its original diet, weight will be restored. In order to really lose weight, it takes a long time to eat less.

How to build muscle

To dry and stretch muscles, make them flexible and relief, exercise and cardio workouts. During the power part of spent glycogen and then the fat begins to "burn" immediately. Why strength training first, then running, jumping, jump rope, cardio. And all the time control the amount of calories consumed. During drying of muscles well-used amino acids. And don't forget pre-workout to warm up, and finish your workout with stretching.

But to really increase your muscle mass, which is especially important for men who need to increase caloric intake. And calories the body needs to do not only by protein but also carbohydrates and a small amount of fat. In this case, get rid of the excess fat, but lose weight highly unlikely.