There are a number of grounds on which people can test their assumptions, in cases where he doubts of the truth of his orientation. Consider some of these signs.

Signs suggestive of homosexual orientation

First we need to determine whether a person is experiencing attraction or interest in persons of the same sex with him. Next you need to assess the desire, namely, to answer the question: "What type is this desire?" Distinguish between emotional attraction and sexual attraction or libido.

If a man has sexual interest or arousal when viewing erotic images of persons of the same sex, that attraction is called emotional. For example, a man likes to watch videos containing homosexual scenes; it stimulates the stories about intimate relations of men, and he gets pleasure from it.

However, as a rule, in daily life a man such interests does not advertise herself. And often adheres to pointedly negative evaluation towards homosexuals. This circumstance is due to the fact that denying this desire, a man's brain will retain that information deep in the subconscious. So homosexual attraction is often not realized by the person in psychology, this orientation is called latent.

Erotic attraction is, in cases when the man is watching or reading erotic stories about same-sex sexual relations, and sees itself not only as an observer, and is, or wishes to see himself as an active participant in the events.

Also fantasies about erotic foreplay gay refers to homosexual attraction. Lived experience, such as the kiss of a man with a man, which causes pleasant emotions or arousal also believe homosexual attraction.

The methods of determining sexual orientation

To determine the type of same-sex attraction yourself, you must obtain an independent result of, for example, take the anonymous test online. Today there are several options for defining the propensity of a person to same-sex relationships.

To undergo such testing, with the caveat that the exact result they will not, and will only tell the probability of homosexual orientation of the person. To obtain reliable results and help you must consult a qualified sex therapist or psychologist.

The reasons for which a man doubts the truth of his orientation

It should be noted that education gives the person a direction in orientation. Because examples of parents shaping the future of the family model and the male model of behavior in the child. Because families with one parent not the exception but the norm of modern society, it often happens that the child, the boy grows up under the tutelage of his mother and grandmother. That is, the next man gets overwhelming female attention and experience.

Is no exception when such a fine upbringing and growing up without a father's influence a man loses the necessary experience and example. Such experience is necessary for the hardening of the nature and appearance of masculine traits.

As a result, the boy grows up infantile, looking for woman able to take care of and take care to make important decisions, and not Vice versa. Such a man expects from a companion of the same actions and care that he received from his mother in childhood. In turn, the woman herself is waiting for the heroism and masculinity of a man.

To imagine such a harmonious Union difficult. Then the man starts to catch myself thinking that he likes me more determined and independent woman, and after a while he notices the attraction to same sex partners. Him comfortable with them, it gets needed energy. Describes the situation in which man finds erotic interest and attraction not only to the opposite sex, is quite common.