You will need
  • - a multimeter or voltmeter DC voltage;
  • - hydrometer.
Measuring the voltage of the battery without nagruzki this drain leads connected to the output terminals. Now take a multimeter and set it to the limit "- 20V". This will allow you to measure the voltage value with maximum precision. The red wire of the device connected to the terminal marked "+", black to "-". The readings must be greater than or equal to 12.6 V.
If the voltage was less than normal, you should:1. To check the electrolyte density (not less than 1.26 g/cm3). If necessary top up with distilled water, thereby restoring the desired density.2. To recharge the battery.
The measurement values of battery voltage under negrophilia that you need to connect the wires to the output terminals of the battery, start the engine and set the rotation speed of 1500-2000 rpm, and turn on the high beam headlights. Next, similarly to step 1, measure the voltage on the output terminals. The readings should be within 13,9-14,3 V.
Depending on the results, we can draw the following conclusions:1. If the value of voltage less than normal, it means the battery charge is insufficient. However, you must make allowances for the age of your battery, as well as the mode of operation of the vehicle.2. If the readings were more normal, then your battery is recharged. In this case, it is necessary to produce partial discharge (until the voltage value reaches the norm).