What are the features of thinking of the Humanities

One person can write good poems, to draw beautifully, but to understand the structure of even a relatively simple device for him hard. And the other not at all desire will sryvaet a couple of lines, but with technology. This is understandable and natural, because one of them – "the Humanities" and the other "techie".

Man of humanitarian mind in the consideration of any question, the phenomenon mainly pays attention to the most memorable, eye-catching signs. He is able to think logically, but to a certain limit. When memorizing a new information, Humanities uses features such as the overlap of several of the most important characteristics, and sometimes only one of the most characteristic feature. Minor signs of the Humanities, as a rule, belong to the category of minor details, and therefore not paying them enough attention.

That is why the distinctively humanist difficult to succeed in such highly technical disciplines, such as physics, mathematics, chemistry, etc. Because there is a need to carefully account for all known information, down to the most insignificant.

How a person thinks-"techie"

For pronounced "geeks" the idea that it is possible to neglect some information, simply because it is not too significant, almost impossible. Of course, people with a technical mindset is also able to distinguish the important from the secondary, but he considers and takes into account everything, down to the last detail. Trying to understand something new or remember some information, "techie" cannot be limited to the formal coincidence of some of the most important signs, as did the Humanities. He will check whether and minor signs, and only after that will find information or make a conclusion. A single fact, a sign, something that stands out, get the techie to check it out again and ponder.

A techie may seem too meticulous, slow (especially from the perspective of the Humanities). But it's just a natural consequence of the peculiarities of his thinking and behavior.

Therefore, the eternal dispute who is more important – the "physics" or "lyrics" (that is, the techies and the Humanities) does not make sense. In life equally important and those and others.