You will need
  • For the classic tiramisu:
  • - 80 g icing sugar;
  • - 3 egg yolks;
  • - 250 g mascarpone cheese;
  • - 120 grams of biscuits Savoiardi;
  • - 3 tsp instant coffee;
  • - 1 tbsp of cocoa powder;
  • - 4 tbsp of Amaretto liqueur.
  • For tiramisu with cream cheese:
  • 300 g fat cottage cheese;
  • - 150 g of sponge biscuits;
  • - 2 tbsp sour cream;
  • - 3 tbsp of powdered sugar;
  • - 1 tsp instant coffee;
  • - 1 tsp cocoa;
  • - 1 sachet of vanilla sugar.
  • For tiramisu with raspberries:
  • - 500 g mascarpone cheese;
  • - 250 g of raspberries;
  • 18 cans of biscuits Savoiardi;
  • - 5 eggs of the Guinea fowl;
  • - 100 g icing sugar;
  • - 30 g of vanilla sugar;
  • - 4 tbsp of instant coffee;
  • - 2 cinnamon sticks;
  • - 60 ml Amaretto liqueur;
  • 10 g of cocoa powder;
  • - 6 stalks of mint.
Classic tiramisu

Pour instant coffee Cup of boiling water. Cool and pour into a deep bowl. Add Amaretto to the coffee. Whisk the egg yolks with the icing sugar until it dissolves completely. Then gently, stirring constantly, enter into the egg mass of creamy mascarpone cheese and whisk all until smooth. Dip Savoiardi biscuits in the coffee mixture and generously cover the cheese filling. Then lay the biscuits close to each other and each other in a portion bowl or deep dish. Cover with the remaining tiramisu cream cheese frosting, leveling the remains of the top layer. Then cover the dessert with cling film and place in the refrigerator for at least 5 hours. Then, freeing tiramisu from the film, sprinkle them with cocoa powder and serve.
Tiramisu with cream cheese

Wipe the curd through a sieve, then whisk in a blender along with the sour cream, powdered sugar and vanilla until smooth. A teaspoon of instant coffee, pour 5 tablespoons of boiling water, stir and refrigerate. Very fast to not soaked, dip sponge biscuits into the cooled coffee and lay close to each other in shape. Top evenly put the cheese cream, then another layer of biscuits, which abundantly cover the cream. Then cover the tiramisu with cling film and put in 5 hours in the fridge or for 20 minutes in the freezer. Then remove the foil, sprinkle dessert cocoa powder and serve.
Tiramisu with raspberries

Separate the yolks from the whites and beat separately the whites in a cool foam, and the egg yolks together with the sugar until white. Put creamy mascarpone cheese in a deep bowl, add vanilla and mix well. Then gently add in the cheese mass beaten egg whites and yolks. Again whisk all components until smooth. Ground coffee and cinnamon sticks pour the boiling water. Give me the coffee to brew and cool down. Cookies Savoiardi we're going to crack in half and spread onto 6 portions kremanki. Each portion pour 10 milliliters of Amaretto and 40-50 ml of coffee with cinnamon. Then grease a cookie cheese cream and put the tiramisu in the fridge for 3-4 hours. After this time the dessert is ready, sprinkle with cocoa powder, garnish with raspberries and sprigs of mint.