Currently brokerage services offers a variety of companies. Therefore, the task of the investor is to choose the most convenient and reliable option. Should work with companies that has a proven record of reliability and responsibility to customers.

One such company is Sberbank of Russia. For some time it provides your customers access to trading stocks on the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange, is working with securities of Russian companies.

How to open a brokerage account in the savings Bank

To open an account is sufficient to visit the nearest Sberbank branch and see where you can conclude a contract for brokerage services. It'll make you immediately or call you need address of the institution of the savings Bank. As a rule, the contract can be concluded in the Central office of Sberbank in the regional center.

You need to have a passport, INN, your existing Bank card of the savings Bank or savings book. You will also need about 2000 rubles to pay for the stick with the software. To trade you will provide a very convenient program – the trading terminal QUIK. You can work directly from your computer, you will see information on all the trading instruments, including shares of "blue chips" – the leading Russian companies.

Applications for the purchase and sale of shares can be submitted by phone, but work via a computer is much more convenient. It is very important that when you work with the trading terminal you will have the opportunity to analyze the dynamics in the market value using a variety of technical analysis tools. On the Sberbank website has educational materials that will help the novice to begin work on the securities market.

Opening accounts in other brokerage companies

The main condition for the opening of accounts with other brokers the same – reliability. You can work with large banks or specialized brokerage companies. Before you make the choice, be sure to check online reviews about the companies that interest you. In particular, how easily customers are able to withdraw their funds. From a reputable company the payment is a maximum of a few days, no problems with withdrawals arise.

To start trading the shares on an open account you must Deposit a certain amount. For a comfortable trading you need to have no less than 20 000 rubles. Some companies set a minimum Deposit amount, others do not. In any case, to start trading without having account at least 10 000, is not recommended. Before starting the real work should for some time to practice on a free demo account this will allow you to learn the basic tricks of the trade.