Trade shares on the stock exchange. An ordinary investor cannot buy or sell shares, it is necessary to have the appropriate authority. Therefore, all operations with shares is carried out through intermediaries – brokers. Brokers are specific individuals, and companies. It is recommended to work with brokerage companies, it is more reliable.

The shares of Gazprom and LUKOIL belong to the category of so-called "blue chips", these include the most popular and liquid stocks. The price of such securities usually gradually growing steadily, this is a good option for long-term investment.

Buying stocks through a brokerage company in your city

Major options for the purchase of shares two. In the first case, you simply find a brokerage company based in your city, and enter into the service contract. After that you can apply to the broker bids for the purchase or sale you are interested in stock. Applications can be submitted by phone or Fax. Some brokers additionally offer the opportunity to work through the Internet.

The advantage of this embodiment is that the broker is in your town, you always have the possibility of direct personal contact with the people, fulfilling your requests. Analysts of the brokerage company can give you a recommendation for the purchase of securities.

Working with a broker via the Internet

Recently the great popularity was acquired by the brokerage company through the Internet. This method has many advantages – primarily the ability to carry out transactions through the trading terminal. Of course, every transaction actually produced and registered by the broker, but the whole process is done in seconds via the terminal.

Another plus of this method – an excellent opportunity to analyze the movements of the stock price. In the trading terminal available stocks of hundreds of companies, you can see on the charts dynamics of the course, analyze it using various tools.

Trading account you can quickly and easily register via the Internet with a selected broker. You must then Fund a trading account. Typically, the amount of replenishment is high enough, typically at least 10 000. After making a Deposit, you need to download the trading terminal, configure it and you are ready to trade.

It is important to understand that stock trading has its own characteristics. You must consider the time of dividend payment – after the payment of the value of the securities drops by the amount of the payment. It is also necessary to understand the mechanism of buying and selling shares. Namely: clear when shares are purchased in the hope of their growth. Price has increased, you can sell the shares and put the profits in his pocket. But the securities market and are transactions for the sale of the shares, while the fall in the price you can earn as well as her growth. How does it happen? All the necessary information about it can be found in the literature. Anyone who wants to work seriously with securities should understand many such nuances.