In recent times the demand for shares in Russian companies significantly increased. To receive the income from the securities trading is trying a large number of investors. Therefore, the question of where and how to buy shares in the leading companies of Russia, is today very sharply.

In fact, in the purchase of securities, nothing complicated. The depositor need only a knowledge of the basic principles of the stock market and the availability of seed capital. If you are going to trade stocks on the stock exchange, you must identify a strategy which will lead the trade (short, medium or long). If your goal is to get the dividend, you must purchase shares prior to the day of closing of the register, when it is alleged a list of all the persons entitled to the payment of the profits of the company.

By the way, bring dividends to stock holders is not such a high income, how to trade in the stock market. But some issuers still care about their shareholders and pay them a very decent percentage of the total profit.

Purchasing shares from broker

Individuals can purchase securities of Russian companies only through a brokerage firm. Brokers are authorized to conduct trading operations on the stock exchange and sell the assets to others. The company-the broker must provide its customers with access to their investment account. Her responsibilities also included the execution of trades on the stock market on the order of investors.

To trade stocks on the market, you must sign with a broker, a written agreement, to open an account and transfer him the money. For each completed transaction, the broker will charge you a small percentage. For the storage of stock and stock exchange services will also have to pay.

Trading terminal

To perform trading transactions with securities, you need to install on your PC the program terminal. You can download it for free on the website of your broker. He will give you a username and password to login, after which you can give the purchase requisition you are interested in stock.

Like many other securities, the shares traded in lots. Each item can be from 1 to 10 shares.

Highly liquid stocks

The most liquid stocks in Russia are considered to be securities of Gazprom and Sberbank. They are actively traded on MICEX-RTS with the Ticker GAZP SBER and respectively. However, it is not necessary to spend all your saving only for these assets. The investment portfolio is necessary to make competently. To avoid large financial risk, try to distribute your capital across several stocks at a time. If some of them suddenly lose value against losses you insure other assets.