Among men men not so much. However they meet, and it's not that rare. Women such men do not respect, but lose if the attack womanizer is sent to them. Men to their non-permanent counterparts condescending, and sometimes even with deep respect. But no one can really understand whether a womanizer to true love.

Psychological profile of a womanizer

As a rule, wolves are very sociable and live life, have a lot of friends. Such a man easily feels in any situation, always knows what to say knows how to be very courteous and polite.

With a woman a slut acting like she's the Queen of the world. Several of compliments, pair matched, and the lady begins to fall in love. Very soon, a womanizer seduces another Queen, leaving behind the crowd of girls with broken hearts.

As a womanizer understands love

There is a high probability that a womanizer, in fact, better than other men knows what love is and wants to give it the maximum number of women. Indeed, taking care of a lady, a man exalts his chosen one on a pedestal, gives it a feel of exclusivity, reveals femininity. In fact, such a person does not need to be offended. You should Express gratitude to him for what he has given you to feel the beauty of love, fill you with emotion. Of course, womanizer difficult to build a family. But as a very good experience relationship with him is worth considering.

There are different opinion regarding can a womanizer like or not. Perhaps the real love he had not yet met, and he is in continuous search. A man in love will forget everything, if only to be closer to his beloved. Probably the womanizer a lady quickly comes. After all, to keep the man near it to not only make him love, but also to cultivate his love. Not every woman is capable of.

Knows how to love a womanizer?

To love everyone, without exception. The problem is that many in the childhood get different kinds of psychological trauma, which in the future prevent the feelings to emerge. First bad experience with a girl can lead to similar results.

Any womanizer at the time, "stepped on a rake". Yes, he's incredibly helpful with the girls. But his style often changed girlfriends very much like revenge to someone. A womanizer knows how to love, but he needs help to find that feeling in the depths of his soul.