Symptoms of pregnancy girl

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the appearance of a pregnant woman. External changes can appear as early as first week of pregnancy of girl. The woman bears a girl, you may see swelling of the legs, weight gain due to the increase of the buttocks and thighs.

Confirms the birth of a girl and the condition of the skin of the expectant mother. In such situation it starts to peel off, to dry, can be covered with pigment spots. The face may appear pimples. Such a well-known symptom of pregnancy, darkening of the areola, is also credited with pregnant women, who should be born a girl.

Another sign of a pregnant girl is that the left breast of the expectant mother can vary in size. Compared to the right breast it will be more. In the hair of the expectant mother, which goes with the daughter, you notice the red shade.

Also about the pregnant girl and shows the shape of the tummy of the expectant mother. Belly shape becomes more rounded. However, he weekly more spread out to the sides to the sides, which mommy begins to disappear waist.

Other signs that it's a girl

A reliable sign of pregnancy girl early on is the presence of severe toxemia. There is also a suggestion that carrying a girl much more complicated, because the health of a pregnant woman is worse, than at those who goes with the boy.

Women who should be born a girl in the pregnancy process become scattered and passive. Nature at this point becomes bad. Women waiting the appearance of the girls capable of spontaneous illogical actions and constantly capricious.

Signs of pregnancy girl include certain dietary habits of a pregnant woman. In this regard, the expectant mother, increasingly wants flour or sweet, pickled vegetables or fresh fruit. At the same time does not want to eat meat, smoked food, spicy and salty food. In the process of carrying girls appetite can be reduced significantly.

It is much easier to determine the sex of the baby when a woman gives birth again. If the pregnancy its the same as the previous one, the gender of the baby will be the same. If in the course of pregnancy there are new sensations, the floor will be the opposite.