Advice 1: Which Zodiac sign which one suits cat

At all times unchanged popular horoscopes. These people are trying to learn their fate, to unravel the character of another person, to check their compatibility with the object of sympathy. But, it turns out that the horoscope can also affect the choice of four-legged friend, for example, cats.
Which Zodiac sign which one suits cat

Cats for Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancers

Most often, people prefer Pets close to them by nature. Energetic, active Aries fit the same as they themselves, cocky, and always ready to jump into the fray Burmese or Siamese.

For fans of home coziness and comfort, most suitable Calf will be a magnificent Persian cat. However, if it deems too difficult to care for her furry coat, it is possible to have a British Shorthair.

Physically and intellectually developed Gemini is best to find a common language with at least the active and intelligent Thai, Abyssinian and Scottish fold cats.

Best friend gentle and timid Cancer will become soft and affectionate Siberian cat. In addition, Cancer may be suitable for such breeds as Neva masquerade, Munchkin or the Devon Rex.

Regal and graceful cat to lions, Maidens and Scales

Since Leo and he belongs to the cat family, does he like a variety of breeds of cats. Perhaps the best thing would suit him restrained and independent British Shorthair or Scottish fold cat.

Great friends for sophisticated and intelligent Virgos will be the same subtle and graceful Russian blue or obedient and smart American Shorthair.

Striving for beauty and harmony Libra get along best with fluffy beauties-angoram. In addition, they are perfect furry chinchilla.

What cat fit Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn

Strong and defiant Scorpios will prefer the company of cats "wild" rocks. For example, Bengal or Siamese.

The most appropriate company for freedom-loving Sagittarius can be a Maine Coon or Norwegian forest cat.

For smart and stubborn Capricorns are best suited smart and friendly Siberian cat.

The most original and mysterious cat for Aquarius and Pisces

Because Aquarians are original in nature, the most suitable for them would be unusual cats: Abyssinian, Sphynx, Bobtail or the Devon Rex.

Dual and dreamy Pisces are best suited the mysterious Norwegian forest cat. Even they may like Burmese cats or chinchillas.

However, the cat breeds are much more than signs of the Zodiac, and purebred kitties deserve no less love and attention. Therefore, choosing a pet, we should listen not only to the recommendations of astrologers, but to the voice of your own heart.

Advice 2 : What kind of cat fits Zodiac sign

Zodiac sign gives people certain traits and inclinations. Currently, for each sign, there are many recommendations in different life areas. Even four-legged friend you can make, based on the advice of astrologers.
What kind of cat fits Zodiac sign

Breed cats for signs Zodica Earth

The bulls represent hardworking people, prudent in achieving the goals. Traditionally, Taurus is considered the most fortunate in money matters of all the Zodiac signs. He will approach Persian cat, same patient and very expensive.

Virgos need a cat that will perfectly fit into their life schedule. Such is the American Shorthair, obedient and intelligent cat. Very clean and intelligent in everyday life.

Capricorns are always full of secret ambitions that are methodically implemented. They are characterized by cold calculation in everything. Suitable Capricorn the Thai cat, in character resembling the Siamese.

Cats are the best for fire signs

The Rams heavy explosive nature, they are stubborn and persistent. They are not accustomed to obey, rather, will do in spite of. They use a fiery-red Burmese cat, quite aggressive and combative breed.

Lions leaders by nature, to tame them useless. Will suit them British cat, discreet and confident. Is a self-contained animal animal and unobtrusive.

Sagittarius people are freedom loving and social, love travel. Them breed Ocicat cats. An animal peculiar to cheerfulness and activity, they are affectionate and love attention.

Some cats will approach representatives of the element of Water

Cancerians are very vulnerable and perceptive, loyal friends. The same character is the Siberian cat, beautiful and sweet. It is known that these cats even came to the aid of their masters.

Scorpios have a strong personality, they can be ruthless and cruel. To achieve your they can transcend through all, and yet they tend a grudge. They will surely enjoy a Siamese cat, not devoid of mystery, deceit and cynicism.

Pisces is a contradictory personality, lovers of mysticism and mysteries. They often head in the clouds, because their surrounding does not understand. Similar disposition differs the Norwegian forest cat is also a bit detached.

The element of Air and breeds of cats

The twins are inconstancy and love of change of terms of the intelligence they have outstanding. A wonderful breed of cats for them to be a Scottish fold. This is a very friendly and unpretentious animal with a cheerful disposition.

Libra appreciates beauty and harmony, they like high society. They will fit Angora cat, like a noble. In addition, the representatives of this breed often have different colored eyes, and Libra – the sign of duality.

Aquarians are honest people, very creative and smart. They are difficult to attach, but if successful it will be a forever bond. Balinese cat has similar characteristics, loyalty and devotion to him side by side with the sociability.
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