Causes white pimples on the eyelids

A large amount of sebum starts to accumulate in the same place, not having time "to be free" is so tightly clogged ducts. Primary Milia arise. Secondary are due to mechanical damage of the skin or leaking of inflammatory processes. You might run into a zit or a group of corn Buntings, located next to each other. One of the causes of milium is considered improper diet. Eliminate from your diet fatty, smoked and fried foods. For her, the pores are closed even stronger. Most of these problems are inherent in those who have oily or combination skin.

Methods of treating and combating pimples on the eyelids

One of the options in the fight against prosyanok – to seek help to the doctor-dermatologist or cosmetologist. The doctor will give good advice, and the beautician will save you from acne. There is a cosmetic way to remove the Bunting, which you can use at home. Wash your face with warm water with baby soap or lotion.

Prepare a steam bath with beneficial for face herbs and hold it over her face so it got raspalas. Wipe the skin dry and soaked in alcohol tincture of the place where there is acne and a thin needle. Suitable needle from the syringe. Clean hands with a disinfected tool gently pierce the Bunting and squeeze all of the contents. Wipe the place alcohol-based tincture.

If you are afraid to carry this kind of procedure, consult a specialist. In addition to this method, the clinic can offer a more gentle alternative. Electrocoagulation – cauterization of the spot electric flows. Formed after the procedure, a dense crust is quite fast.

Another priority method of treatment is laser photocoagulation. Based on the action of a laser. In the same way as in the previous method, there is a seal, disappearing in a few weeks. Unfortunately, there is no medicinal ointments, creams, lotions or masks to combat prosyanok. In some cases, white pimples disappear as suddenly as they appear. Turn in the course of treatment is daily skin care, then the likelihood of milium reduced several times. Often wash, wipe the face lotion, do it several times a week, sometimes masks and steam baths. And less you touch the face, especially eyes, hands.

White bumps on the eyelids, like any other inflammation, interfere with normal functioning of the skin and make us less confident. Therefore, timely response to the problem will improve the mood and appearance.