One of the most promising and profitable kinds of investment is investing in yourself. A hundred thousand you can get a second higher education, courses for learning a new profession. For the ambitious brown about the additional education will open up prospects for further advances through the ranks. For a simple worker learning a new profession will provide an opportunity to change activities to better-paid, to acquire additional income and to survive in the crisis years.

For an active person

For an enterprising person to try to become an individual entrepreneur and open a small business. A lot of options: to purchase a knitting machine and knitting stuff for sale. In the presence of wholesale buyers profit will be up to 10-15 thousand a week. Take a sewing machine and take orders for individual tailoring at home. To purchase a batch of cheap laptops and lease them. Create brigade for the repair of apartments, construction of country houses or in the care of the infield.

Recently gaining momentum in the Internet business. The amount of 30-50 thousand will be enough to develop a first-class site, the remaining money on his promotion. With website content you can handle yourself or buy the content you want on the stock exchanges of articles. If the site will be interesting and popular, when it is monetization he will bring the owner a stable and regular income. You can create an online store, themed website, blog and even a social network (for example, for dog lovers). The main thing – that the idea appealed to potential visitors.
Monetization of the website is the posting of contextual advertising, banners, selling links for the purpose of receiving income. A well promoted website with proper monetisation able to make a profit of 10-20% per month on investment.

Another area for potential business is trade. Private purchase and sale of inexpensive things does not require high costs, quickly paying for itself and does not carry high risks. Suppliers of goods you can search the Internet, buyers – feeding ads on free boards. Product selection is at the discretion of each from Asian cosmetics and self-defense to electronics, phones and sporting goods

Passive income

Passive income you can get from someone else's business, and invested their money in the form of buying shares or unit investing in someone else's business idea or creating a partnering business, folding their capital.

To have passive income from investments, in the long run very attractive investment in the gold or securities. For a year or two the profit will be small, but if you invest for a period of 5-10 years, the money can double and even triple the invested sum. Good indicators give Bank deposits with monthly interest payment and capitalization. The simplest calculations show that the contribution from 12% a year, with a monthly interest payment and capitalization in 5 years will bring 80 thousand of additional income.