Most pregnant women have a very negative attitude to the prospect of spending a few weeks in the hospital. However, there are situations when bed rest and constant supervision of doctors is essential. Reasons for hospitalization can be very different, but all the measures taken by doctors due to their desire to protect pregnant women from miscarriages or complications in childbirth.

First trimester

The main cause of hospitalization during the first months of pregnancy, is a severe morning sickness. Many women stoically endure this unpleasant ailment, continuing to walk regularly to work and trying to live in a familiar rhythm. But neglect your health dangerous: on the background of frequent vomiting can begin the metabolic disorders or dehydration. The only solution may be the only inpatient treatment with intravenous maintenance drugs.

Another common cause for hospitalization is the risk of miscarriage, since low timing to keep the pregnancy really difficult. That's why pregnant women found themselves the tone of the uterus, dragging pain in the sacrum or in the lower abdomen, bleeding, should immediately report these problems to the gynecologist who is pregnant. Probably, the doctor will insist on hospitalization

Second trimester

During this period, one of the causes of miscarriage may be premature opening of the cervix or cervical insufficiency. In hospital the doctor can stitch the cervix or to establish a special ring to keep the pregnancy.

Some pregnant women have placental insufficiency occurs, which can lead to intrauterine hypoxia in the fetus. Sometimes the tissue of the placenta grows more slowly than the machines of the uterus, then there is detachment of the placenta. This condition can cause bleeding and threatening the life of the mother and child's life. All problems with the placenta need immediate hospital treatment or continuous surveillance of the gynecologist.

Third trimester

Many expectant mothers spend the last months of pregnancy in hospital. It could be preeclampsia – late toxicosis " in pregnant women. Progressive edema, high blood pressure, the appearance of protein in the urine is a warning signs that will alert any doctor and force him to put the pregnant woman to the hospital.

Pyelonephritis (or kidney inflammation) is one of the common "ills" of pregnant women. This files most often deal with it is possible through the use of diuretics, antispasmodics, regular positional exercises, but in severe cases you cannot avoid hospitalization.

Hypertonicity of the uterus can cause premature birth, especially on the big terms of pregnancy. If it fails to remove the materials at hand, in the hospital for treatment using a more powerful antispasmodics, to stabilize the condition of the pregnant woman and help her bring the baby, have him healthy and on time.