Male-Sagittarius is very sociable and no less loving. Flirting for him is commonplace, although it not aims to play with the girls in "cat and mouse". In relations with them he is sincere and sometimes he does not understand that beckons him from one Bank to another. Try to captivate the representative of this sign simple conversation. To talk easily with Sagittarius: even if you are in a cafe, out the window which is visible from the ugly ruins of the city, mind you casually, what they look like, say, the ruins of the Colosseum. This umbrella canapés fruit cutting reminds you of the Eiffel tower. The romantic pull of Sagittarius to travel will make him look at you differently.
To interest the Archer is easy, but to keep it that much harder. He likes girls with intelligence and a good sense of humor, proactive and direct as he is. Love for him – something like a great adventure, why not surrender its position without a fight. He will want to win that which, as he was not devoid of romance and easy folly. At first, your relationship allow him to briefly leave you or just go about their business. More than anything, the male Sagittarius loves freedom, and when it starts to miss sweetheart, so quickly returned.
Sagittarius likes variety in everything. From tied to the life of a woman, he will escape at the first opportunity. To keep it within the four walls is almost impossible. Sagittarius not a couch potato, but he's all heart, will love the accommodation in which will feel the spaciousness, lots of light, and his favorite things. Invite to the house of his friends. So he is going to visit home more often, and you will make friends with his inner circle than Sagittarius will undoubtedly be proud of. Constantly expand your horizons and get rid of complexes, including sex.