Preservation of friendly relations

How to avoid divorce, you can speak constantly and useless. Here it is necessary to clearly determine the causes, circumstances and adequately assess the situation. If people went to sign the divorce papers, then it is reasons. But if it is inevitable, but you need to try to maintain normal relations. Most often, divorce to women, they are a little easier to get through this process than men. For men a divorce is the loss of ownership, that is, its women.

Lost interest to each other

If the decision to divorce is based on this problem, it is not necessary to change it. No need to torture yourself and begin to live separately, people should be able to look truth in the eye and make a definitive decision. Not worth the loss of the senses to be confused with the difficult period of the relationship, which is loving people worried. If you don't have any feelings towards your soulmate, then at least respect for the person with whom you have lived for some time in one house and fell asleep in the same bed must be present. Therefore, in the next six months do not start a new relationship or at least not to advertise it. From the side you would think that the reason for divorce was adultery.


In a divorce it is important to keep the child's psyche and normal with respect to each of the parents. That is, the child needs to be protected from quarrels and scandals, which influenced the decision to divorce. Try to explain to the child why, it is better if the conversation will be present both parents. If one talks to a child about this, you should not say bad things about the other parent, because the child's relationship to him may not change, but you will change for the worse. You must be able to maintain its authority and dignity.