First of all, try to immediately realize that the most difficult period after a divorce is just a few weeks, maximum months. A little bit of getting used to a new life during this period, you have a new view on my life, and, hence, on the world.
Try to gather my thoughts and strength and take care of yourself. Of course, in the early days of the field of divorce, you may have to force yourself to go to the hairdresser or in the pool, but it's worth it. Doing yourself, you can not only great to raise self-esteem, but also significantly distract from their own reflections on the melancholy subject.
Communicate with their own kind! Women who have experienced divorce around you – thousands and thousands. And they all found the strength to live, to raise children, to build a new family. And most importantly – they managed to survive the depression after the divorce. Why not adopt their experience? Chat with divorced colleagues, mothers of your friends, kids, neighbors. And not necessarily to your interlocutors were exclusively ladies – men, too, often suffered the trauma of divorce.
Take the advances of men. If the hairdresser you still managed to look and dress nice every day you are not lazy, you flirt with men you will be. Answer the same. After all, flirting is not an excuse for a serious relationship, and the mood that it can carry on for a long time.
Perhaps in the most severe cases will help sayings. Recall king Solomon, who quite rightly insisted that "this too shall pass". Or revise a good movie "Moscow does not believe in tears", the main slogan of which is the phrase "In forty years the life only begins". Finally, a good read and emotional book.
Try to fall asleep with positive thoughts about the future and Wake up with a smile. And with time you will realize that there will be so much good.