How to plan a marriage registration in nature?

It should be noted that wedding celebration outdoors is possible only in case of good summer weather. A winter wedding will not work. Have marriage registration in the nature there are lots of positive aspects. In particular, all guests have the opportunity to enjoy the picturesque landscapes and the scent of wild flowers.

But on the other there are drawbacks. You will need to consider the optimal way to escape from the heat or rain. In the evening the wedding party becomes more romantic, but romance can ruin mosquitoes. To protect themselves from the scourge of insects, you need to pre-purchase a potent means of deterring mosquitoes. Wedding setting outdoors can be decorated with numerous decorative candles, it will make the celebration even more romantic.

Whether to do the wedding outdoors?

Deciding to conduct a field check in nature, it is necessary to weigh all "for" and "against". On a piece of paper you need to compare the wedding to nature and celebration in the restaurant. In each case, consider the material side of the question. By the way, the exit sign will cost significantly more than a similar event held in the restaurant.

Overall, a wedding in nature is carried out under conditions of recreation facilities or special systems. It is not necessary to organise events in the wild, near the river or in the woods. Today, many resorts offer their services to conduct on-site weddings, with a full range of services.