First of all, it is worth noting that formally register still have in the registry office, since the law, the book of records of acts of civil status shall not leave the limits of the institution. This is corrected by regional laws, i.e., depends on the city. For example, in Moscow there are a number of established sites where it is possible to conduct a formal check, in Petersburg it is impossible, unless you are going to break the law.
So often to check the registry office a couple is only as a formality, but a real wedding ceremony suit in the place where they want: in a luxurious Palace, in a restaurant, in the Conservatory, on the boat, on the nature of the lake or Bay, on the roof.

What is the exit sign.
This is a staged act, where the Registrar is the actor reads the text, the young give vows and exchange rings. Set decorated arch, it converts carpet strewn with rose petals, guests sit to the right and to the left of the track on the beautiful chairs. After the ceremony, all waiting for a wedding Banquet or buffet.

Registration has many advantages: you can choose any convenient for you the date of the celebration, it is very beautiful and devoted only to you, you don't feel like just "one of" a series of the couple (this is especially important for the bride). You can also show imagination in the writing of the text, write an individual scenario, have guests draw a lot of options. Besides, you will get amazing photos.

What is the value of.
1. First of all, this rental site. Some restaurants provide a place for site registration at no additional charge, when ordering their Banquet.
2. The cost of a decorated arch and chairs (chairs can also be provided by the restaurant free of charge, otherwise they will have to rent and bring).
3. Other decor: carpeting, floral arrangements along the walkway, rose petals etc.
4. The work of the Registrar.
5. Music. It may be the saxophone, violin, harp, musical Duo or trio.

In St. Petersburg the cost of the marriage registration of "turnkey" is on average from 20 000 to 50 000 rubles.

Where to start.
It is advisable to start with the choice of restaurant, since many restaurants themselves provide this service, moreover, only work with their organizers. If the restaurant does not provide this, then there are many agencies who are doing a field recording and are happy to suggest options and scenarios.

What else can ruin your mood.
In addition to the increased budget for the wedding, can still give a nasty surprise weather. Of course, for true love rain is not a hindrance, and the ceremony under umbrellas may even be paid extra charm, but in the case of heavy rain with strong wind, you will have to change for the next Banquet. And walk on wet sand or grass your guests would not be very nice.
So if you plan the ceremony under the open sky we need to consider the possibility of moving it under the roof or installation of a tent.

In any case, the exit sign will be remembered by you and your guests with its beauty. A little trouble will not spoil the mood of love on this beautiful day.