You will need
  • - installation disk with the operating system Windows 7;
  • - installation disk with Windows 8;
  • - the removable media;
  • computer.
The choice of operating system depends on the needs of the user tasks and computer settings. Before installing, you need to know if the computer settings for the operating system. In order to properly pick up, you need to consider the features of each system separately and compare them.
Windows 7 has better functionality than other OS as compatible with many games and programs. The main advantage of Windows 7 is that the interface of this system is similar to the usual Windows XP user. So after installing don't have to adapt to the new interface and layout settings. It is convenient for those who do not like radical changes and unexpected updates. This is especially true of "start menu", which is mutated in Windows 8.
Of the main features of Windows 8, you can allocate a new interface "Metro". It can already be noticed when the computer starts, when instead of the usual desktop display different application shortcuts. It is convenient and practical mainly for tablet users. Thus, the developers of Windows 8 replaced the start menu. The advantages of Windows 8 is that it works well with storing and sync files with Microsoft SkyDrive, the cloud, which can store files of all sizes on the Microsoft servers, so one computer will be available to another. You can also select the new task Manager, and support for dual CPU cores.
To compare the speed and performance of the two operating systems, was carried out the performance tests. In one OS used in the same applications and settings of the computer. Drivers and software for both systems used the same, with default settings.
When testing programs with test applications PCMark, allowing to measure the speed and performance when using applications, it was found that when using Opera on Windows 7 was slightly faster, and the backup OS both showed the same results. When measuring the speed of loading the operating system, it became clear that Windows 8 compared to Windows 7 loads much faster.
After testing we can clearly say that Windows 8 and Windows 7 show approximately the same performance as when using games, and programs. Therefore, to change Windows 7 to Windows 8 is not necessary on a PC because Windows 8 is mainly designed to run on tablets or touch screen devices. Then speed and convenience are guaranteed. But to choose in any case to the user.