Advice 1: Which Windows version is the best

Microsoft Windows is one of the most popular operating systems (OS) today. In the course of its history it has changed considerably, and was released in a large number of versions. The highest rating the suitability of a particular Windows made when comparing the key parameters of the system for each user separately.
Which Windows version is the best
The latest version of the operating system is Windows 8.1, which differs from an earlier OS on a number of parameters. So, compared to the previous Windows 7 new "eight" received the Metro interface, which in the future aims to change the whole concept of the use of the system.
This novelty was welcomed by the users in different ways. Some people who have installed this version of Windows has been disappointed by the capabilities of the new interface and the changes that have affected the system as a whole. Some users found the Metro are convenient. Thus, if you want to try the new concept system from Microsoft, this version of the operating system will suit you best.
It is worth noting that the Metro interface has not replaced the standard Windows shell. Most operations on work with programs and files is still using a classic Windows desktop, the implementation of which appeared in the Windows 95 version.
If you don't like the new approach to work with software from Microsoft, the best choice for you will be Windows version 7. It still cannot be considered obsolete and is used on most modern computers with a preinstalled OS.
This system contains bug fixes that were made in Windows Vista, recognized as a failure for Microsoft. Compared to Windows XP, Windows 7 also has a number of advantages – for example, significantly increased performance, coupled with the implementation of the new graphical interface of Windows Aero that allows you to obtain beautiful visual effects on modern computers.
Windows 7 has enhanced support for drivers installed in the computer equipment and disk images. Most modern programs today are produced with the expectation of working in the environment of the system, and therefore its use becomes mandatory, if you like to run the latest versions of the various programs.

Advice 2: What version of windows 7, better to install

Windows 7 is one of the most popular OS in the world. There are 5 varieties of Windows 7, each one has its differences. Choose the system you need correctly so that the computer worked fine and not retarded.
What version of windows 7, better to install

Ultimate (Maximum)

The most expensive is Windows Ultimate (Maximum). In this version there are all the elements and twists that have ever been invented by Microsoft for Windows 7. Not all of them you need because a normal user does not use the possibilities of the advanced desktop, the download with HVD, managing network loads. Of course, if you are a professional and want to manage all modes, you can install this version. The cost of Windows Ultimate (Maximum), approximately 11 500 rubles.
A large number of improvements in Ultimate implies the existence of a powerful stuffing your computing device. When installing the system, ensure sufficient power of the computer, otherwise the OS can "hang".

Professional (Professional)

Windows 7 Professional is not much different from Ultimate. The main difference is to disable the management functions of the computer in professional mode. As in Ultimate available to work with DVDs, it is possible to enable Aero on the desktop. Available: the create a restore point and backup through the network.
To select the version Professional costs only in the case that solutions to your problems need a serious Windows functions. If you are a gambling addict you should also think about this version.

A good surprise for gamers will be a message stating that games with Windows XP in this version is also launched. Version available in a 64-bit version. The system cost about 8 500 roubles.

Home Premium (Home premium)

Home Premium - this version is more pared down than Professional. The latest version in a series of Windows 7 that has 64-bit model. A distinctive feature is the presence of Windows media center with full functionality, support for multiple monitors, support for tablet PCs, Aero function is available. The cost of 5000 rubles.

Starter (Initial) and Home Premium (Home basic)

These versions have the smallest number of features, but are the fastest in the health. Disabled features: work with DVDs, Aero function, no notes and such.
The weak version is good for office work, they can provide a reliable and fast working staff.

Working through a network is limited, available to only the minimum data sharing, multi-monitor support is not available, disable the ability to change the screen saver home screen. The cost from 1 500 to 3 000.

Advice 3: How to increase performance of Windows 7

In high performance computer of interest to every user. In order to speed up the performance of Windows 7, you can use a number of measures, as absolutely simple, and requires specific knowledge.
How to increase performance of Windows 7

Increase Windows 7 performance with the use of regular means of system

One way is to manually configure the system. If your PC started to slow down and hover, it does not mean that it is time to contemplate a new purchase. Optional change or reinstall the OS. Perhaps your system is configured incorrectly and just need to optimize these settings.

So, you can perform the following steps for overclocking the system. First is to pay attention to the setup of a new startup. Programs that are marked for autostart at boot time slowing down your system. Better to remove from startup all apps. This will directly affect the performance of Windows 7 in a better way.

Next, make a selection: the interface with bells and whistles or performance. If speed is more important, go to "control Panel", open the tab "System" and set the "advanced system settings", namely under "Advanced" find "Performance" and click on the "Settings" button. In the dialog that opens, find the "Visual effects" and set the checkbox for "adjust for best performance". After that, all visual effects are disabled, the user can choose something without which he be able to do, but these options should be minimal. Apply the new settings by pressing the OK button.

Learn more about how to clean the registry. If no skills, it is better to use special programs for cleaning registry, for example, the utility CCleaner. It will help to analyze and show the files that can be deleted from the registry.

Disable services that are not used. Go to "control Panel", then "Administration" and "Services". Here you without disturbing the system can disable the auto update, firewall, security center, service time and service for control over devices that are not or not in use. To disable any service you need to click twice on its name on the "General" tab set "startup Type" and select "Disabled". After that you must restart the system.

Optimization anti-virus program

Consider anti-virus software installed on your PC. Should also work with its settings, because of the action of virus scan also greatly slow down the system. This primarily concerns the software from Kaspersky. It is necessary to set the option of compatibility with other programs. To do this, go to "Settings," then "more options" - "Compatibility". Next, check the box "Concede resources to other programs. Still need to optimize a schedule to download updates and checks for viruses. It is desirable to make them at the time when the computer is not in use.

Advice 4: What Windows XP services can disable

Despite the emergence of new versions of the OS, the operating system Windows XP still remains one of the most popular and in demand. It is simple and convenient, has a good performance. However, it can be extended by disabling some services.
What Windows XP services can disable

In the basic configuration operating system Windows XP is configured to make it possible to resolve the widest range of tasks. The ordinary user need not all of them, but many of the supporting services running by default, which not only slows down your computer, but also has a negative impact on safety. That is why many unused services should be disabled. To disable services in Windows XP, open "start" - "control Panel" - "administrative tools - "computer Management" - "Services and applications" - "Services". You will see a window with a list of all the services, this will establish which ones are working and which are disabled. To deactivate the selected service, double-click it with the mouse, will open a new window. It hit the "Stop" button, then select startup type "Disabled" and click OK. The service is disabled and will no longer be run in automatic mode. You can disable the following services: Remote registry - this service is dangerous because with it you can remotely edit the registry settings of the computer. Wireless zero configuration - disable if you are not using Wi-Fi. Locator remote procedure call (RPC)" is also off because the service can take advantage of some viruses. If you do not perform Windows automatic update is disable and the corresponding service. It is also better to disable the "security Center" - in fact, this service only prevents issuing useless warnings. If you are not using the computer to run on a schedule any of the programs that should disable the "task Scheduler". You can also disable "terminal Services", "messaging", "time Service", "Server", "Siren", "Secondary login", "Telnet", "error reporting Service". Do not think that disabling these services will increase the computer performance, it is about a few percent. However, even a small increase in speed is worth it to do it. If a service later you will need, you will always be able to turn it on.

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