You will need
  • Oregano (origanum), Basil, spice mixture "herbes de Provence", parsley, Bay leaf, rosemary, capers or pepperoni
An integral part of any Italian pizza are Basil and oregano (marjoram). Often for the sauce, use parsley and Bay leaf. On the shelves of supermarkets and shops of spices, you can always find the bags labeled "herbs of Provence". It just is a blend of aromatic herbs that are ideal for pizza. In addition to these ingredients, in the Italian and Mediterranean cuisine often use such spices as rosemary, capers and pepperoni.
Herbs for pizza
Basil – spicy and very fragrant herb, slightly bitter taste. Varieties her very much, but the most common are black and purple Basil. This fragrant spice goes well with tomatoes, as they are known, are an integral component of many types of pizza and pasta.
Dried Basil
Aroma oregano is very similar to the smells of thyme and marjoram, but their taste varies considerably. Oregano, or otherwise marjoram, more spicy and tart than similar herbs. In Italy, this spice is used not only in combination with pizza, but add it in in the country of spaghetti.
Perfect for pizza and the mixture of "Provence herbs". The composition of these spices included: rosemary, Basil, thyme, sage, peppermint, summer savoury, oregano or marjoram. The name of the seasoning speaks for itself. One of the areas of France, Provence, is famous for its herbs and original kitchen. Italian cooks prefer the French Basilica. This kind of seasonings not only has a unique taste and aroma, but also very healthy. Provencal herbs contain large amounts of essential oils, enzymes, vitamins and minerals.
Herbes de Provence
It should be noted that in the process of cooking pizza, don't use ketchup, mayonnaise or tomato paste. It is better to make the sauce yourself. In most Italian sauces include parsley, rosemary and Bay leaf. Adding these spices to a dish, it is important to know when to stop, as each of them has its own bright and very distinct taste.
Olive oil is an integral part of this pizza
For the preparation of real Italian pizza dry spices are best added directly to the dough or sauce. And for decoration of the finished dish and provide additional flavor you can sprinkle the dish with finely chopped fresh herbs. Table layout don't forget the olive oil. Many are unaware of why many pizzerias on the table next to the salt and pepper are decanters with this liquid. Actually, olive oil is used as a sauce to the pizza was not so dry. Before use, the triangular piece of delicacy sprinkled with oil, and that it did not flow down, fold the portion in the form of boats.