Preparation for the second day of the wedding

In preparation for the second day of the wedding the first thing you need to find a place to celebrate. Often (subject to good weather) this event is carried out in nature. To celebrate you can rent the recreation center. In preparation for the second day of the wedding it's wise to consider the guest list. Usually it is several times less than on the first day of wedding ceremony.

This day should be "travelers". After a heated and lengthy celebration with songs, dances and competitions for the guests (and newlyweds) want to relax and unwind. That is why at the organization of the second day, you need to choose the best place to stay. This place can be a river, lake pond, Park, water Park etc. of Course, to celebrate the second wedding day in nature need only with close friends or relatives.

Food for the second day of the wedding

Cooking during the celebration of nature falls squarely on the shoulders of the newlyweds and their families. To purchase products in advance, even before the first solemn day. Meals for the second day of a wedding celebration might not be as varied and nutritious. After the main wedding ceremony, guests are surely satisfied. For a picnic you can also take the products that remained after the Banquet. As a rule, on nature, cooking kebabs, salads, snacks, rice, etc.

Do you need music?

Undoubtedly, the second day of the wedding is also a holiday, so music should be a mandatory condition. For tourist recreation, organize music immediately, but what if the trip is planned to the lake or to the Park? In this case, take a portable stereo and CDs with your favorite songs.

The second day of wedding should be bright and festive than the first. So to prepare for it, you must also thoroughly as for the actual wedding.