When buying a plane ticket reductions for children are available. Parents are the so-called "child ticket", which entitles a child to occupy during the flight, a special place or to be in the hands of parents. The law does not set a precise percentage of discounts on children's tickets, so different airlines. Russian airlines usually provide up to 50% discount on children's tickets with a separate place, foreign – from 20 to 30% of the full cost of the ticket.

Child ticket with no seat

This type of ticket is purchased for a child under 2 years who does not occupy a separate place. Parents can purchase it for only 10% of the usual ticket, and often with 100% discount, i.e. free. However, the "zero" ticket you need to have on hand, without it the child may not miss the plane. This ticket is issued only for one child one adult, that is, one parent is unable to transport two children at the hands of "zero" ticket. If one parent carries two children up to 2 years for a second child is issued a child ticket with the place.

Child ticket ""

This ticket grants the right of flight in the plane for a child aged 2 to 12 years with a discount up to 50%. In this case the child occupies a place in the same way as any adult. This discount ticket is valid for a child who must be accompanied by any adult. If the child needs to send one, the cost of the ticket for him will be complete. In addition, when you purchase a ticket, parents may be required to request a special service "maintenance of the child in the plane", and also require contacts mourners and greeters adults. To travel independently in Russia is allowed to children from 5 years. If a child needs one to fly abroad, it is necessary to specify data on such permits to foreign airlines, which have to use.

The documents for the child

To purchase tickets for flights to Russia on the child must have a birth certificate. For overseas flights – passport for the baby or the parents passport, in which the child is registered. If the child is traveling with only one parent, it is desirable for him to have a notarized permission from the other parent to transport the child. This is optional, but in some countries it may require and in the absence of the document does not put the baby on the Board or out of the airport. Therefore, the necessity to execute such a document it is better to clarify in advance for a specific country or just place it before the flight. If the child is traveling alone or with relatives, it is obligatory to be in possession of such permission from both parents.

When making a child ticket on the website or in the office of the airline is required to specify the age of the child, otherwise the ticket for the small passenger will be issued as an adult, with full pay.