Powdered sugar is simply irreplaceable in that case, if you are going to create another masterpiece of pastry. It is possible to prepare the frosting, fondant, and you can just sprinkle the chocolate cupcake. In any case, get good. I wonder how to get powdered sugar on an industrial scale and how it is possible to cook at home.


Sugar (derived from cane or beet sugar) ground to an homogeneous dust is powdered sugar. Production in factories is carried out on specialized equipment, and more precisely on the impact mill. There are several varieties of powdered sugar. The fine powder (the size of one of the particles less than 100 microns), which is known to all, sold in retail stores, but the other two (more coarse) are available for the production of bread and confectionery (vzbitye cream with the icing). The equipment used is very powerful, in one hour it produces about 0.25 MT of powdered sugar.

Powdered sugar at home

The first thing that comes to mind when you need to prepare icing sugar at home – using household appliances. Many Housewives use for these purposes, coffee grinders, but keep in mind that the coffee bean is softer, which means you put the appliance power loads, from which it can come into disrepair. It is better to use a food processor (mini mill). Should promolot sugar at least three times. The main thing is uniformity, so every time the powder must sift through a strainer.

How to make powdered sugar without a scale? Even our grandmothers were preparing the powder in their recipes. There are several ways. The first is the use of a mortar. If there is a mortar with a heavy pestle, with a little effort, obtain the desired powder. If the mortar is not, you can use a simple glass bottle. Put on confectionery paper sugar (sugar cubes), top cover with another sheet, and then start to roll out grind movements. Of course, this method is more labor intensive, but still get the desired product.

Of course, if you do not, it makes sense to do it at home. Moreover, to prepare the powdered sugar is not difficult.