Safe ripple

Often pulsation of the abdomen marked at the time of Icahn fetus, which swallows amniotic fluid periodically and scares his mother the rhythmic twitching of her tummy. Usually pregnant women feel muscle contractions, the duration of which can vary from several seconds to several hours. In such cases there is a throbbing whole abdomen, but felt it only in the lower part, where is located the fetus.

Usually women feel this noticeable discomfort, and some don't even notice it because of the low sensitivity threshold.

Also the pulsation of the abdomen for a certain period of pregnancy is often caused by a perturbation of a child. In the early stages of pregnancy women are not always able to distinguish the pulsation caused by the flow of blood through the vessels of the abdominal cavity, from the first movements of the fetus. Pulsation-induced hiccups or movement of the developing child, is considered by specialists is absolutely normal and natural process, but it can not always be safe, should know about every pregnant woman.

Dangerous cause

Pulsation of the abdomen can also cause a pinched Vena cava to the right of the spine. The growing uterus with the baby inside, their weight gradually increased and creates a lot of pressure on the lower abdomen. This leads to jamming of the inferior Vena cava, carrying venous blood, and felt a strong pulsation. The deliberate or inadvertent squeezing of this area the woman can even lose consciousness or experience sudden dizziness with nausea.

Usually, the infringement of the inferior Vena cava occurs when the supine position, therefore the pregnant woman should lie on your side (alternate).

If after changing the position of the body pulsation of the abdomen is terminated, then it was caused by harmless factors. Otherwise (and also with an increase in pulsation) you must immediately contact your doctor and undergo all the necessary tests that will help eliminate the possibility of hypoxia (oxygen deficiency) fruit. Painful sensations that accompany intense pulsation of the abdomen, it is likely the presence of pathologies, so a visit to the hospital to tighten is not recommended, to avoid problems with the health of the unborn child.